Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a great day....

Yesterday was Cole's birthday party! We had so much fun!
You this family nothing really ever seems to go as planned. a few examples.... we go to Gatlinburg for a vacation & get the stomach virus....we have a lil extra money...only to realize the truck needs new tires....our dog never gets out & breaks free out of the fence.....want a a baby...took 2 you see my trend...I could go on & on like this. I say all of this to say...yesterday....was PERFECT. Everything went as planned. Everything was PERFECT. Cole loved Elmo...every kid in the place had a ball and as I watched I knew I would never forget Cole's Elmo birthday. I will never forget him running around...jumping in the middle of the room...staring at Elmo in disbelief....laughing histerically all day. I may not remember all the gifts he got or the food we served...but I know I'll never forget how much fun he had & the excitement of the day. I am so thankful to all the friends & family who came out to make his day so special. We are so blessed to have so many people in our lives. You depends of good friends & family to make things the BEST! Yesterday was perfect.....I'll never forget it!
Oh & a little info for all the people who were asking....
The cake was by Patricia Davis...she is amazing & does any cake I ever need! Let me know if you need her number. She can do anything!
The outfit was by Misty Key ( Polka Dot Patch) ...she did a great job & I loved seeing him in it:)
Chocolae Chip Cookies- Brooke's famous I don't have a recipe:(
Cheez-its- you take 1 box of cheez-its, 1 pack of powder Italion dressing, 1/4 cup veg oil...put it all in a gallon size zip lock...shake it up then lay it out on paper towels for 30 min...then serve it up! Gina shared that recipe years ago:) I think she got it from Shannon!

I owe you these...

Here are a few pictures form our Gatlinburg adventure. We did see a really great show at the Black Bear Jamboree before the virus started. There are a few pics of that. Hopefully next year will be more enjoyable & virus free.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My baby is 2.......

Today my baby turned 2......I think it is just now hitting me that my baby is starting to not be a baby anymore. My baby is a big boy:)
I blinked and he learned to walk...I blinked & he started to talk...I blinked and he's growing up way too fast! He is absolutely the most precious gift I have ever received and I am so thankful for everyday God has trusted me with his little life. No one can ever prepare you for the instant love of your child. I am not sure how it happens...but in one moment everything changes and you will give anything...lay down your life...go without everything...just for the tiny little life you are holding and its amazing and I am so thankful I get to experience this joy. I feel like it was yesterday I cuddled that little bitty baby and yet it has been two years.....I blinked.
Happy Birthday Cole!