Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

So this blog is basically a recap of our year. God has been so good to our family this year. We are so thankful for all of the memories in 2010.
  • We got a light snow & Addy was at our house so the kids enjoyed playing in it together!
  • We went to Gatlinburg with Blayne's family. Cole got his first stomach virus...but it was still a good trip. We went the the Black Bear Jamboree & walked the streets. It was beautiful.
  • Cole turned 2. We celebrated with ELMO!
  • We celebrated Emily's birthday!


  • Ashton turned 5! We celebrated at Fox's pizza! It was a cute party!
  • Papaw continued to heal from a heart attack and was beating the odds that he would not live.
  • We lost our sweet Bowden and buried him in the back was one of my saddest days.
  • Blayne's grandmother passed away.
  • We had a big snow...we played with Josh, Lori, & Jonah.
  • TaTa turned 23.
  • My Grandma Kitty had a birthday!


  • We took the kids to McWayne over spring break...Cole was WILD.
  • We took the kids to Chuck E Cheese over spring break!
  • We celebrated Trent's 3rd birthday!
  • We celebrated Jonah's 3rd birthday!
  • We put our house up For Sale By Owner
  • We celebrated Nana's birthday!
  • Sweet Anna was born!


  • Easter came & we celebrated our Savior with family & friends.
  • We had a big Easter hunt at Brooke's house
  • I turned 30 and my friends and family threw me a surprise party!
  • Transfers to the new school started at work and life as we knew it changed quickly.
  • We celebrated Brooke's birthday!


  • I had a wonderful Mother's Day! So thankful that God trusted me with this precious life.
  • Ashton graduated preschool...we all cried.
  • School let out!
  • Mommy went to NEW YORK with Courtney, Casey , & Brady & had a WONDERFUL time!
  • We went to the Rodeo at the high school
  • We celebrated Chesney's 2nd birthday at the park.
  • We celebrated Pop's birthday!


  • We started enjoying our ALabama Adventure passes!
  • We gave our house to Laurie Burgess with Webb & Co.!
  • We went to the beach with Blayne's family!
  • We celebrated Andy's first Birthday at the Lovell's house.
  • We celebrated Charlea's 2nd birthday at the splash pad.
  • We spent lots of time with Courtney & Shelby at the splash pad, zoo, & AA.
  • We got our first contract on the house.
  • We celebrated Stephanie's birthday!
  • We celebrated Josh's birthday!


  • We lost our first contract on the house :(
  • We celebrated our country with family on both sides.
  • We went to Spring Valley beach with OES friends.
  • We went to the beach with my family.
  • We found out Jenna was married & expecting again!
  • We celebrated Preslee's 2nd birthday!
  • We celebrated Nanny & Pappy's birthday!


  • We celebrated Casey's birthday!
  • Pop got a boat & we LOVED it!
  • Ashton started my class.
  • Jessica & Brad announced the baby! We were so excited!
  • My baby was potty trained!
  • We went to Cole's first Baron's game.
  • We got a contract on the house!
  • My grandmother had a birthday!


  • My grandfather turned 89 & they celebrated 61 years of marriage.
  • We celebrated Brent's birthday!
  • We sold our house.
  • We started football season & went to watch the Saints play!
  • We celebrated Brody's 4th birthday!
  • We celebrated Aiden's 4th birthday!


  • We celebrated Luke's birthday!
  • We went to the homecoming parade.
  • Andrea turned 40:)
  • Lucy turned 1!
  • Addy had her 4th birthday!
  • We went to Old Baker Farm with the Urbans & Snuggs.
  • We went to the pumpkin patch with our family.
  • We went to the Crosspoint Fall Festival
  • We went to the OES fall festival
  • We celebrated Halloween!


  • We were so thankful for God's many blessings!
  • Blayne got hospitalized.
  • We celebrated Thanksgiving at Nana & Pops
  • Cole was sick on actual Thanksgiving day & we spent it at American Family Care...the only place open.
  • We put up the Christmas was weird in a new place.


  • We went to Gatlinburg with my family
  • I celebrated with co workers at Maribeth's house
  • I celebrated at Jessica's house with the girls
  • We went to Noccalula Falls & saw the lights.
  • Santa brought Jimbo to our house one night.
  • we had cookie decorating at Brooke's house
  • We had a birthday party for Jesus at my house
  • We enjoyed the Gaither Christmas homecoming Show
  • We enjoyed the Crosspoint Christmas musical
  • Shelby turned 2...we celebrated at Chick Fil A & Build A Bear.
  • We had a great Christmas dinner with Jessica & Brad.
  • We had an Amazing Christmas with family.


May 2011 be just was wonderful!