Monday, March 29, 2010

Please Pray

My friend Jenna found out that she lost her sweet baby this morning. They are going to induce her tonight and she should deliver sometime tomorrow. Please pray that they can get a clear picture on what happened to the baby and pray for peace and comfort for her and her family. I do not understand this sadness that keeps happening in friends and family around me, but I know He has a bigger plan and I'll continue to trust that he will guide us all through the storm.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Jonah

Jonah turned 3 and we celebrated BATMAN style! The kids had a great time.
It is hard to believe Jonah is 3. I remember the summer we knew he was coming. It seems like only yesterday we were planning for that sweet little he's went by way too fast. I think he & Cole will be great friends.

Chuck E Cheese

On Tuesday we decided to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese and Casey, Trent, Jenna, Madelynn, Claire, & Josie joined us! It was a lot of fun. Cole LOVED it! He was wild and could have stayed there all night. He loved the basketball game. & walking up to throw at skee ball. I don't think he was still all day long! It was a great day.
We ended it with a trip by the galleria to see the Easter Bunny. Cole, Addy, & Lulu had their picture made. I'll post once I have time to scan it.

McWayne Center

Well, yesterday me, Nana, Cole, & Ashton ventured to the McWayne Center.
It was a lot of fun....but Cole might have been a little young...he was WILD and the McWayne Center needs to seriously consider putting gates infront of their stairs. Did I tell you stairs were everywhere:) They had a great time though. Cole loved the water and that is why you notice an outfit change in the pictures. Ashton even let us lay her on the bed of nails.
They both loved the fish tanks.
It was a good day and they both agreed as they fell asleep 2 blocks from the parking deck.....

Health Reform

Ok...this may offend only read if you want. All we hear about now is health its going to ruin its making our premiums go we'll wait for hours to see a doctors are going to leave the profession. Honestly I do not know enough about it...I haven't read the so called 3000 pages so I am really unsure of most of it. I am unsure of how it will directly affect my family. All I know is my insurance was fine so I wish they would have just left me alone...but's the part that does affect me's the part that does make it personal to me....from what I understand my tax paying money will go to fund abortions and although they supposedly signed something to take that out they said it can be changed in a blink and more than likely will and it will cover abortions. I don't believe in abortion. However, I do not judge or hate people who have had them. I think they live with that decision the rest of their life and it is not my job to remind them. I pray I am forgiven my sin and not judged for it & I hope they do the same. Actually, I feel so sorry for someone who feels so desparate to feel they must do they must be so broken in that stage and state of mind. I say all ofthat to get to my point...I do not believe in abortion and in NO WAY do I feel that the money cut from my paychecks and given to the government should in any way go to a healthcare reform where they are paying to kill a baby.
This is where it is personal to me. Babies didn't come easy around here. I didn't have the happy experience of saying lets have a baby and then a few months later we rejoiced and announced to our family. I tried for over a year before seeing a fertility specialist who with God leading the way....helped us get out precious baby boy. The whole process lasted around 2 years and every other person I knew was having babies and I was heartbroken...and only someone else going through that could ever understand...someone like Brooke my sister who tried for 6 years and almost died from complications. We know how precious it is to hear...your levels are up....we know how sad it is to hear...your levels have dropped....we know the sadness of hearing a nurse call and say "not this time sweetie....we'll try again next month"...we know the disbelief in hearing..."it worked are giong to be a mommy..." .....not only have we experienced what its like to try t0 have a baby, but I have sat in a hospital and watched my sister-in-law hold a precious angel who was never able to take a breath on this earth. I watched as she and my brother grieved and will forever be changed as well as the rest of our family by the loss of that sweet baby girl.
All of this....makes the Healthcare Reform personal to me. My leader, my president...wants me to give money to fund others who do not want their babies...when I desperately longed for sister almost died for hers...and my siter-in-law will forever long for hers.
I 'm sorry Mr. President...but this "Change" is not what we wanted. You can have it back. I'll wait on my savior to"CHANGE" this world....he'll do that soon when the trumpet sounds.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For Sale

We are officially FOR SALE ! Please help us pass the word! We are For Sale By Owner so I need to get the word out as much as possible. Feel free to share this blog with friends & family! It has all of our details! If they are intersted in the house, please have them email me at to set up an appointment!
225 Crooked Creek Lane
Odenville Al
Sunset Meadows Subdivision
Single level/ one car garage
Built in 2004
3 bedroom/2 full bath
vaulted ceiling in family room
large fenced in back yard
Back yard...
Laudry room off of kitchen
Family Room/Den
Guest bathroom
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom