Sunday, January 26, 2014

December Birthdays

Elsie turns 2! We celebrated with a lollipop party ! She is such a cutie! 
Shes like a little mini Ashton.... but into more:) 

Darby turns 2! We celebrated at the carousal  at the Galleria! 


These are a few pictures to sum up the holidays in our life! Christmas cookies, Happy birthday Jesus Party... elves,,,Christmas Eve...Christmas was all wonderful!!! 

I'll always remember the Cole as the hulk this year on Christmas morning & Rhett crying in his first ride in his car. Sweet memories! 

Happy 1st Birthday Rhett

We celebrated Rhett's birthday the weekend before Christmas. It had to be rescheduled because he got RSV and we had to spend a night at Children's.  The party ended up just as sweet just minus a few friends due to Christmas parties etc. 

I cannot believe an entire year has gone by! When I was pregnant with Rhett, I remember wondering what it would be like to love another cherish another as much as we did Cole... now that Rhett is here I cannot imagine our lives without him! He completed our family in a way we did not know anything was missing. His laughter is PRECIOUS and his slobbery kisses are priceless and the way he & Cole interact is just amazing. I have loved every minute...even the hard ones.  Having 2 changes everything.... but in my family it has all been for the better!  We love him to pieces and my boys are my whole world. I cannot wait to be their biggest cheerleader in this life! God has blessed us so much and also given us such a big responsibility to raise these sweet boys! 
Happy Birthday baby are cute & wild & sweet & rotten & OURS and we love you more than you'll ever know. You were worth every heartache to get here and I'd do it over a million times again just to see that sweet smile everyday! 

TaTa & Steven helped us take some really cute Christmas card pictures this year. These were 4  cute ones out of about 1000. Rhett is definitely a piece of work when it comes to picture time!! But I was please with these sweet ones....

We also got new ornaments this year representing Cole, Rhett, & our family. 

Rhett loved decorating  and undercoating the tree on a daily basis this year! 
Cole loved Santa as always.... Rhett DID NOT:) Super cute picture! 

Bernard returned to keep and eye on Cole and Clark also joined  us to watch Rhett this year.  They were a lot of fun:)