Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring is near.....

Happy 2nd Birthday Luke!! 

Easter Egg Hunt at Calvary! 

Charleston bound....

Well..Rhett's face says it all. TaTa & Steven moved to Charleston & mommy had a meltdown the next morning when the u-haul was gone. The little girl I shared a room with for almost my whole ...the little girl who crawled into my twin bed....the little girl I love with all my all grown up and has moved away:( 
We are so excited for her & Steven and the plan God has for them...but we sure do miss them in Margaret!!!  We are so thankful for good technology and highways from here to there...


Still playing "catch-up!"

We had Cole's 5th Birthday Party at The Play Place! He was so blessed to be joined by lots of sweet friends & family!

Rhett turned 2 moths old!! See ow we are rapidly gaining weight???  :) 
He is growing a TON! The rice in his bottle for reflux gets alot of the credit:)
He is quite the happy baby. He started school and although mommy was heartbroken...we are so grateful for Mrs. Linda & Mrs Rebecca. They take wonderful care of him everyday!! 

Ashton turned 8!

We had a candlelight dinner for Valentine's Day! 

We joined Courtney,Shelby, & Darby and  Big Machine Day at the McWayne Center! 

Baseball begins!!! He is playing coach pitch this year!! 
We played in a FREEZING cold tournament the end of February. It was miserable..... Cole had pneumonia a week later;( 

January 2013

Ok lots of catching up to do!!!! Here we go in fast forward......
  Rhett turned 1 month old in a blink!!! And as I post this...I cannot believe my precious angel was that little:) 
We cheered on ALABAMA to another victory!!!!!

 We had a lot of fun at the circus!!!
My baby turned 5...yes I did say that....5....WOW! Seems like yesterday I was holding that sweet 6lb baby in my arms....our lives have never been the same since & we are so incredibly blessed  & undeserving  to have had him join our family!

Yes its real....scary huh? 

It snowed! It only lasted a few hours but we soaked in tons of fun!!!!

Austin turned 1!

The twins turned 1!

January was full of events & celebrations!  I LOVED being off work and enjoyed every minute with my boys...we became quite the bums! Adjusting to 2 wasn't too bad...but he lack of sleep almost put me under:) We survived and got a routine and life was wonderful!