Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Cole is a puppy for Halloween this year.....precious! It is a battle to get him to wear the hat though...we have to really talk it up! I am looking forward to Sat. night!


Here are a few raw shots we took of Lucy this weekend...isn't she precious! I have lots of pics to go through...we took a million! She is such a chunker already....eating 4oz at 3 weeks old!
She is still such a good baby.We changed her several times &
took lots of pics & she never got mad.
I just love all my sweet nieces!

Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks ago we took the kiddos to the pumpkin patch in Clanton. It was freezing...but a lot of fun! They rode a tractor pumpkins... & just enjoyed the atmosphere.
It was a fun day & I am glad we are able to do things like this with them.

Addy is 3!

Well my sweet lil Addy bug is three!
She celebrated all week!
We made a cake at my house when I kept her & then on Sunday she had a Minnie Mouse party!
She is such a big girl & we love her very much!
She & Cole are going to be such a mess one day...they already are!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

strep throat

It is horrible! How do kids just bounce back the next day to school? Am I a big baby or what? I mean I spent most of the day in the best yesterday & am starting to feel a lil better after 2 shots & oral meds...but there is no way I could be playing on a playground. Kids are amazing! But note to self...2 days might be a better time to stay out of school:) I'll remember when Cole has it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Uncle Gettys

He went home to be with Jesus last night. Thank you for your thoughts & prayers. I am so thankful he is home and healthy and happy.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lucy at home...

Well....LuLu is home! They came home Thursday afternoon. She is doing great! She is gaining weight & eating every 3 hours & sleeping in between! She is a wonderful baby. Brooke is doing great too! They are all glad to be home.
We went & visited after the parade. Addy & Ashton got to hold her ...Cole was too busy to ever get still enough. He still thinks she's a doll I think. He mainly ripped through Brooke & Josh's house like a maniac! They were all WILD in the end & Lucy just kept sleeping. I guess she better get used to those wild ones....she'll have to in order to survive.
She is just too precious!
I could hold her all day.


Addy & Ashton joined me at school Friday for Homecoming. They were very good...with only a minor melt down here or there:) They are both very sweet girls. After school was dismissed we met Nanny & Pappy and got Cole's hair cut & then had pizza & salad at the Daily Bread! We then went to our ritual place ( Windstream Building) and watched the parade. Addy was a lil nervous of the sirens...Cole loved it...& Ashton was a candy getting machine!
We left the parade & headed to Brooke's to see Lucy!
I have taken Ashton to school with me every year since she was 2 on Homecoming. It hit me this year that next year she will be an OES student. Can you believe that? She is so grown & it went way to fast.

Cole meets LuLu!

We took Cole Tuesday night to meet Lucy. He just grinned & then off to running around the hospital room & keeping Josh busy. I don't think he understands she is a real person yet:) He just called her "baby." He hardly paid her any attention. He only got jealous twice & was fine as long as I would put him in my lap too. He is going to be a great big soon as he realizes she's not a baby doll :)!

Air Show

Me & Blayne also took Cole & Addy to the free air show in Ashville last weekend. It was a lot of fun! The parking was a bit of a nightmare when we tried to get out...but Cole loved all the airplanes & Addy loved the snacks. We also ran in to Jason & Kadyn so it was an added bonus for Addy:) Cole loved when they would zoom past ...but would run & sit in my lap when they got close. It was well worth missing half the AL game to spend the day with my babies!

Addy's visit

Last weekend Emily went to San Diego for work & Casey works like a "mad man" down on the new Addy came & stayed with us. She & Cole had a great time & enjoyed the spend the night party. Here are a few pics of their adventures.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Worth It All

Lucy James Ford was born tonight around 6:15 pm.
She weighed 5 lbs 15oz and was 20in long.
She is absolutely perfect & precious! was an extremely long day! Lucy was a little stubborn & so after a long day of not progressing past 5cm....she was born through a c-section this evening.
We had to wait a VERY long time & we were all getting quite impatient...but we finally got to see & hold that sweet little miracle around 9:00pm. She is just perfect! I cannot believe that a year & a half ago we sat down in another waiting area while brooke was in surgery...prayed for her life and the doctors trying to fight for it. I cannot believe what she went through to try & have one of her own.I cannot believe the doctors told her last August she would probably never have one of her own. I cannot believe God surprised them last spring. I cannot believe I held that sweet lil baby tonight that will forever change their lives. She is truly a miracle & we will all never be the same. God is SO Good! God is so good! I cannot say it enough. He was good through the storm...he was good when she was sick...he was good when she was emotionally broken....he was good when she thought she'd never hold one of her own...he was good through her pregnancy...and he was AWESOME tonight!
As I talked to her one last time tonight....Brooke kept saying...
"I can't believe she's mine...I can't believe she's doesn't feel real."
I am so glad it is....and all we have thought the entire day is....
Lucy James Ford was well worth the 6 year wait! :)
We love her SOOOO much! And she'll know it!

If you are reading this....then somewhere along the have prayed for Brooke & Josh. Thank you. He heard every prayer & they were answered!

Bless you & continue to pray for them!