Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This defines pitiful! Lucy fell off the couch trying to get a balloon after her party and broke her arm in 2 places. So sad! I can't take it! But don't be fooled..it is not slowing her down one bit! And it also gives her a built in weapon. We just thought she was dangerous before!
I just wonder how it will ever heal at this rate...the Dr. told Brooke to try to keep her still. That'll make you laugh outloud... the only time Lucy James was EVER still was hen she was in a body cast for her hip...she has never slowed down since!
This just defines Lucy in our kids though! Brooke said she knew she would be the first with a broken bone!

Old Baker Farm

We went to Old Baker Farm this weekend! It was a lot of fun! Cole was so excited about visiting the farm. He loved petting the animals & the pumpkin ride. They also got to meet some Native Americans...but Lucy was the only one who would dance with them. The Tumblebus was there too..but it was very crowded and he said he wanted off bc the tumblebus man was not incharge:) I guess he likes structured activities on there:) We  had a great day with more beautiful weather....this fall sure has been pretty! He loved riding the pedal tractors as well! This boy loves tractors! Baby Luke came too this year! Isn't he so cute! We saw Shelby when we were leaving...but Cole was in a bad mood...so she got her picture solo...sorry Shelby:)
Happy Fall everyone! Get out there and enjoy this weather & all the fun things and places you can go! We may not be home every weekend and my laundry may be piled up...but we are soaking up every moment with this sweet boy & family! I know there will come a day when he will have better things to do than visit a farm with Mommy, so until that day...we aren't wasting a minute! We are going to soak up all of life's adventures! 

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Pumpkin Patch in Hayden with Nana & Pop and Brent & Stephanie & Ashton . We had a great time. The weather was beautiful! The kids had fun riding horses, picking pumpkins, jumping & spending time together! We are so blessed  with a great family! Next year we will add Elsie Claire to the adventure!

Happy Birthday Lucy

Well Lucy turned 2 this month! Can you believe it? She had a big party...ofcourse nothing but the best for our little miracle Lucy! She is such a stinkin doll & we are so blessed to have her in our lives! I just love to hear her tell us stories now...she is so animated. She loves to tackle Cole and we all have fun watching it:) He is still a little scared of her...but they are finally getting along better! She is going to keep us smiling for years to come! Happy Birthday Lucy...we love you!