Sunday, December 27, 2009

Aryn Taylor

Please remember and pray for Casey, Emily, & Addy today. 1 year ago today Aryn Taylor went to be with Jesus. I know they have missed her so much every day. It has been a tough year for them.... for all of us as we have watched Addy take such good care of baby Lucy and wishing Aryn would have been here too. Please continue to pray for healing on their family.
We know she is the arms of our Savior and running those streets of gold by now with her sweet friend Audrey and we'll see her before we know it. But until then....she is missed tremendously in every babies cry & every baby please pray for peace in their hearts.

Happy Anniversary!

Well today we celebrate 6 years! WoW! They have really gone by fast! I can hardly remember those old days of dating & no Cole:) We asked ourselves the other day what did we do with our time before we had him? Who knows...but it went by fast. I feel so lucky and blessed to be married to such a great guy. Neither of us are perfect & we both have our faults...but we love each other very much and that is all that matters. I look forward to many more years...more kids...more fun times... and a wonderful life together! It doesn't get much better than this though because I think its rare these days to be married and happy and healthy and wealthy....maybe not on money...but wealthy with all life has to offer. I thank God for sending me Blayne and making us happy together!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Afternoon at Nana & Pop's house

And the day continued on.....
we went to Nana & Pop's house that afternoon. We had snacks , opened presents, & then ate dinner. Ashton was very excited this year! She got lots of fun things from Santa too! Nana & Pop got Cole a DVD player for the car! We are very excited & hoping he will enjoy it! He has recently gotten into a few minutes of Barney and Bob the Builder. Cole got a fun tractor stool from Brent & Stephanie and he loves climbing on it:) We had a great afternoon with Blayne's family & he was surprisedwith a new gas grill from his parents! We never get to surprise Blayne so it was especially exciting...he was always that kid who guessed all his presents! We were extremely tired by the end of the day...but so thankful for good times, good food, fun presents, but most importantly...a savior who came a long time ago to save us and now we celebrate the gift of HIS love every year! God is so good!

Breakfast at Nanny & Pappy's house

We go back to Nanny &Pappy's house for a huge yummy breakfast every Christmas morning.
It was great as usual and then we opened gifts from Nanny & Pappy& Grandma Kitty.
Cole got his very first Tonka truck from Pappy. Its a dump truck. He trys to ride in it:) Maybe he'll love them like his uncle Casey used to love them. He built cities in our back yard when we were kids:) He also got a Mickey Mouse reader book, race car & candy & other goodies!
Grandma Kitty got him some really neat books & cute outfits.
He loves all of his presents! Where they will all go??? who knows! Maybe we'll be building our house by next Christmas:) I hope so! We are so blessed to have so many people spoil him though!

Santa Came....

Santa came and oh was it fun this year! Cole asked for a truck all month long & he finally got his truck! He loves it!! He just gets imn and and and is too funny! He also got a table & chairs, Elmo microwave, Mickey Mouse & Pjs, and candy & books in his stocking!
He was really in to it this year & his expressions were priceless!
I'll never forget..."mismas tree... baby Jeju......hohoho...and truck" was a fun Christmas!

Getting Ready for Santa

Thursday morning me & Cole made cookies for Santa. He got the hang of it quick. He would press one out..peel it up...and throw it to Bowden. It was fun:)

Later that evening, we put out cookies out....then we ready the story of baby Jesus and The Night Before Christmas....he loves both of them...we have been reading them every night this month.

He was fascinated that HoHo got left a cup of milk...probably because he hates milk:)

Christmas Eve Dinner

Every year we have Christmas Eve dinner at Nanny's house. My grandparents & Grandma Kitty both come & join us. It always turns out to be a wonderful night.
The kids play and sweet Lucy was here to join the fun this year. She had quite a day because she went in for her cast change at 5:30 that morning. All went good and the doctor said she is healing well. She'll go back in 4-5 weeks for another change.
Anyway...the kids opened their presents from all of us Aunts & uncles and then from Mamaw & Papaw Simmons. Cole got trucks galore!!! Dump trucks...toe trucks...and a precious outfit for spring:)
We siblings also draw names & Tess drew mine & I got some precious jewelry and a houndstooth purse! Very cute! Blayne got a duck hunting game for the Wii. I am sure he'll enjoy it! But the best part was spending time with our family!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus

Well, we started a new tradition last night. Cole & Addy made a birthday cake for Jesus and it was so much fun...we plan to do it every year....maybe next year LuLu & Ashton can join us! They did it all by themselves and therefore..they then ate it all by themselves too:) We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus & they had a BLAST eating the cake. Afterwards, Addy said we could save the rest for Jesus to eat. It was sweet. They went straight from the table to the bathtub!
I am glad they are starting to understand though & it is very important to me that Cole always knows that Christmas is not about getting gifts & Santa...although that is fun...I want him to always know the true meaning of Christmas!

Zoo Light Safari

Nanny & Pappy took the family to the Zoo Light Safari Tuesday night. It was a lot of fun. Blayne had to work & casey was at a basketball tournament...but all in all we had a great time. Cole is so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents on both sides. We know that its rare and we thank God for amazing blessings. And do you see sweet wouldn't even know there is a bog cast under there! She is such a sweet baby and just as happy as can be!