Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
This year we have had SO much fun for Halloween!
It all started at the beginning of October! Cole helped me pick out pumpkins & hay bales from Williams Orchard & LOVED it! We have also visited several pumpkin patches & he has eaten more candy this month that he has in a lifetime:)
We have read...The Spooky Wheels on the Bus... Go Away Big Green Monster....Halloween Faces....and he has them almost memorized:) We have also learned a few new songs..."Jack-O-Lantern, Jack-o-Lantern.." "Five Little Pumpkins" ......etc...and he sings them all the time:)
He picked out the Cookie Monster for his costume & we decided to join him in the fun and he LOVED it:) Last night we ate with started with Nanny & Pappy and then ate with my grandparents & saw Lucy & Addy, trick-or-treated at friends, & ended the night at Nana & Pops house...where I forgot about my camera due to exhaustion....but Ashton was a cute lil FSU cheerleader. October sure was fun!
Bring on November....I am off work alot this month:):)

Happy Birthday Addy!

Happy 4th birthday Addy!
Addy had a big princess bash this year! She has been so excited about her big party:)
The kids had a great time! I cannot believe our lil Addy is growing up so fast....she is all about babies....she even treats puppy Carson like a baby & strolls him in her lil stroller. She also LOVES artsy things! She is already practicing her letters & tries to do her "homework" at night when Emily is studying too! She & Cole are either playing together so good its eerie...or the are in a knock-down drag out like brothers & sisters:) never know what to expect...but they definitely entertain eachother. Addy also feels she is partial mother of little Lucy...but she is quick to gather her things if Lucy tries to get them! We had a great weekend with our Addy!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

OES Halloween & Fall Festival

We had a GREAT week at OES this week!
First of all, our school did a great job representing St. Clair County Schools and together our county achieved another great district accreditation approval!
We celebrated with Halloween Dress-up Day on Thursday & Fall Festival on Friday!
Nana came & enjoyed the day with Ashton & left at lunch to go get Cole .They all had a great time & a great day!
I feel so blessed to work at such a fun place!

OES Homecoming

OES had homecoing a few weeks back. I took Addy & Pop brought Cole 1/2 the day to enjoy the festivities! After dismissal we enjoyed Jacks, the parade, a long nice nap, & a great night at the football game! We have really enjoyed going to watch the SAINTS this year! Cole gets so excited when its a football game night! I love the picture of all of them...I have pictures when it was just Ashton & Addy...then we added Cole...and now Lucy....our parade group keeps growing:)

Happy 40th Birthday Lovell

My friend Andrea turned 40 on October 15th! She is my very wise older fiend...who shares all of her wisdon with me! Really...she doesn't act I hope I am just as young when it hits me one day:) If not...atleast I can get her for being 50! All seriousness...I'd be lost without her....I miss her being acros the hall or up the stairs....but thanks to long cell phone calls on the way home...we make it! Happy Birthday Lovell!

Happy Birthday Luke!

I am finally getting some pictures off the other Happy Birthday Luke...a few weeks late:) We celebrated a few weeks ago & had a great time at the Moody Park. Luke is a walking miracle....born WAAAAAYYYYY early & only weighed 3lbs...he was tiny....he made up for lost time just fine though:) I cannot believe its been 2 years since me & Maribeth paced the halls of that hospital & watched them roll that sweet baby by in an God sure has been good to sweet little Luke! Those blue eyes are dangerous!