Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lucy's Big Party!

The day finally arrived! We celebrated Lucy's soon upcoming arrival today!
We had a great time & she got lots of goodies...clothes galore!
She may not have a bottle to drink, but she'll be CUTE! :)
It was a great day to spend with family & friends....
we have waited a LONG time for this sweet little baby & I am so grateful to everyone who came out in the rain to help us celebrate!
Now we wait....
Brooke has been doing great. She has a little high blood pressure so they started her on some meds. ....we'll see if it works. She may
be here sooner than we think...which is fine as long as she is ok!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Parker & Kadyn!

We celebrated 2 birthdays this weekend! Our friend Parker & Kadyn! We had lots of fun at both parties! Its nice to have great friends! Cole loves birthday parities!:)

60 years

Last night we celebrated my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary & their birthdays. My grandmother turned 80 last week & my Papaw turns 87 Tuesday. I feel so blessed to have them in my life. Once when I stayed with my grandfather in the hospital...he told me the story of why he will not take off his wedding band. He said when he was in WWII the men would take off their wedding bands on the nights they were free to visit bars & such. HE swore that if God ever sent him a lady...he'd never betray her & take off his ring. Well...he doesn't....60 years later. He wears in through every procedure...taped up.....he meant it.....they just don't make them like that anymore friends. He's a precious man & I am so glad God has placed them as leaders and examples in our family. I pray me & Blayne are able to celebrate 60 wonderful years one day!

Friday, August 28, 2009

WILD week! it has been a WILD week! Cole woke up Sunday not walking well...this went on all day so we decided he needed to have an x-ray. I found a sub...which is not something I EVER do in AUGUST when teaching kindergarten. But I did it...we took him ...he hardly limped there..ofcourse. had the x-rays...all was ok PTL...they feel it was just a deep bruise & should get better. It has...I only see him do it on occasion now. Let's go back now...on the way to the pediatrician...a lady ran a stop sign onto Moody Parkway. We slammed on our brakes....we didn't hit her, but the man behind us hit us. Called the police...filled out report stuff....hope to go pick it up today. $910 dollars worth of damage. Yuck. But we are all ok & he had insurance.... so that is a praise. Well...we also got GREAT news in our week of yuck...Blayne got a raise......YAY! In such bad times...God has bene so good to my family. We are so grateful. We celebrated with Nana & Pop at Olive Garden!
Oh- and my 4 yearl old neice, Ashton, got her ears peirced last night. We have begged her since her birthday & she finally did it 7 months later! I can't wait to see them. I got off the phone & it was bittersweet. I am so glad she was brave enough...but a little sad that that sweet lil girl who was the first baby to steal my heart is growing up so fast. Too fast....
Well we have a CRAZY weekend. My grandparents are celebrating 60 years tonight! 60 years! That is something to celebrate! We have 2 birthday parties Saturday & Brooke's baby shower Sunday ! YAY! I'll have lots of pictures.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back at work

Well...we survived the first week. It was ROUGH. Cole is still unsure about returning to school...but I figured out if I get there earlier...he gets to go to his old baby room until his room is ready...he seems to like this. SO thats how the 2nd half of the week went! Much Better! Barely any crying at all. She said he does great during the day...however when i pick him up...he is whiny pants! I guess its just getting in a routine again. He barely slept this week...I was up several times checking on him & even had to rock a few times at 2:30 in the am. But he is doing better....we missed church this morning because he has a green nose now that we have rejoined the daycare world...of course! And Blayne told me I couldn't be "one of those moms" that I talk about because they take their sick baby to church we weren't ....we just stayed home & enjoyed our morning. His nose has barely run today though. Hopefully it will go away & not become respiratory!
Here's a quick recap of our week.... then CRASH!
Wednesday- joined mom & went swimming with my grandmother at her neighborhood pool after school. Cole loved it of course! He is such a water baby!
Thursday....enjoyed EZELS ( don't know how to spell it) seafood place in Trussville with my grandparents...Cole loves his Papaw & Mamaw! They sang "Old MacDonald" all the way home!
Friday- We arrived home to a VERY HOT house. We called Jason to come look at it. He turned it off & back on & it worked. No idea what was wrong? THANK GOODNESS it works though! But it was still VERY hot so we decided to go out to dinner while it cooled down...we joined Nana & Pop at Santa Fe' was yummy & Cole behaved quite nicely.
Saturday - I cleaned my grandparents home ...then came home & cleaned mine too....feels good to be in a clean home! Had yummy dinner with family....oh & Blayne got a new shotgun....not the original plan...but he is like a 5 year old at Christmas....We ended the night watching the Hangover....don't ask me how...someone at Blayne's worked gave it to him....
Then to to come & maybe a night at Brents & Stephs...haven't heard the plan...something about boys needing to shoot guns....apparently duck season is coming soon....

Hopefully I'll have another good week at school. My class is precious...quite rowdy...but fun.
Its been crazy busy...not a lot of pics but soon....I plan to take 18months soon....before he turns 19 months hopefully:)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

BYE-BYE Summer

Well, back to reality tomorrow. We have had a FABULOUS summer! We ended it with Alabama Adventure Tuesday...thank you Lori for getting us a free ticket! Cole LOVED it! Cole went back to Bethel a few hours Monday & then a 1/2 day Wednesday. I spent the afternoon with Amber on Wednesday & we did "girl things...." she keeps me young & even told me I was cool enough to shop at Aero :) I had institute & teacher work day Thursday & Friday. We swam with Addy & Emmie yesterday & We celebrated Casey's birthday last night at Logans. We are headed to Doc & SHaron's for a little while now & winding down the last night before work tomorrow. Oh how I love summers! Please pray for Cole as he adjusts back into the daycare scene. We are going to need it!:) Its hard on us both!

Ashville Splash Pad

We spent one of our last official days of summer at the Ashville Splash Pad. We went with Brooke & Josh, Addy, Courtney & Shelby, Holli & Reed, and Casey, Brooklyn & Trent. It was a great day.