Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My New Project!

SO I got my new software....I am LOVIN it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun in our yard

Thank you Tata & Nanny & Emmie!

Well, Monday & Tuesday of this week I was in a workshop all day. Tata came in on Monday & kept the lil man. Then on Tuesday Mom kept him & Emmie came & got him until Blayne got off b/c I had gymnastics. I have a few pics from Tata's day. She took him to Botanical Gardens & the zoo. They had fun...but Tata let the rose bushes eat up his lil legs! Then Nanny took him swimming at Grandma Kitty's house.

The rest of our week....
Wednesday- Me, Cole, Nanny, & Brooke went to eat lunch with Tata & Brad & saw where she will be teaching and living this fall. It is a very nice school & a nice house.
Thursday- I already blogged about this glorius day
Friday- We visited Dr. Gleason & he told us Cole just had a fever related cold. Nothing major.
We took Nanny her B'day present & then Dady watched Cole while I worked at the school.
Saturday- Emmie took Cole & Addy swimming & I finished up my classroom. I just have a few minor things left to do! Yay! We visited Addy's new house, watched Daddy work on a Bobcat & then had a great dinner with Nana & Pop!
I was so thankful for all the help this week!
This is my last official week of summer :(


OK...this is me on my soapbox.... Thursday afternoon I had to take my grandparents to Dr.s appointments. We went to Trinity. We arrived at 8:00 for X-Rays for Mamaw & Cumadin check for Papaw. I went with Papaw & we waited 40 minutes...ok maybe not too bad. We went back to meet Mamaw. She was supposed to meet with the Dr. at 9:00. We went to the waiting room & there was1 seat empty. People were even waiting in the hall. She sat inside & someone gave Papaw their seat. I waited in the hall until a seat came available. We waited & waited & waited....FINALLY at 10:40 we were seen for a quick 10 minutes & he moved right on. No.... I'm sorry for the wait...nothing.....WHAT? 1 hour & 40 minutes? WHAT? That is INSANE. We talked to several other women in the waiting room & they were all scheduled for post-op appts...all at 9:00. Why would you schedule several with the same doc...all same time....what a jerk. If its his bad now...I cannot imagine how it will be when every Tom, Dick, & Harry without insurance can come busting up in our Dr. offices......I bet the age people live to in America will drop.... there is no way elederly will be treated properly...obviously they aren't already....I cannot imagine how much worse Obama's crazy plan will make it. Now that we are on that subject....This may sound very insensitive...but get out & get a job & get good insurance..... otherwise...suffer. Its up to you. I shouldn't work so that the government can pay you to sit at home! Ok...I guess thats my spill. Sorry if you are for socialzed meds. I think its a nightmare.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Us Lately's whats going on in our lives....

  • Cole is talking like CRAZY! He is saying anywhere from 50-75 words and amazing us more & more everyday! He is a WILD man but we are lovin every minute! He loves airplanes ( airmanes ) as he calls them...tractors, balls, cars, and ELMO! He tells us when he burps & when he "poo poos" is so funny! He wants to be outside all the time & he is a little fish in water! He loves burgers, fries, popcorn chicken, goldfish, puff corn, and juice. He climbs EVERYTHING and throws everything. He steals remotes, phones, and anything you don't want him to have.....and you never find them again. He is all boy & I adore him!

  • We have LOVED summer. We were blessed to go on 2 family beach trips & me & Cole joined friends on a 3rd one! I feel like summer has flown by!

  • God has been so good & me & Blayne have both had jobs and are so thankful that in such a time of struggle...we are ok....more than ok. I pray we continue that way.

  • Casey & Em are building their house and we are itching to get with them soon. We are beginning to think about our next home & how soon we should "get on it."

  • I LOVE my new camera & I am going to start taking pics on the side....hence the new major...just a lil something on the side if anyone likes my work.

  • School is coming soon...and I AM NOT READY! It is SOOOOOOOO hard to set up a classroom with an 18 month old. I have to get up there soon!

  • Lucy James Ford is coming soon. We are planning the baby shower & I am getting so excited! I miss itty bitty babies!

  • Me & Court have been walking. I love it & wish our schedules allowed us to do it more. Hopefully when the weather cools off we can go together right after school! Its fun to walk & talk!

  • hair- I chopped my hair off! Its has never been this short...I really like it though!

  • Girl's night- we ( me & Em) enjoyed a RARE night out with girls ( Crystal, Staci & Sandy) & ate Mexican & watched the most adorable movie...The was wonderful! We need to do it more often!

Me, Ashton, & Addy enjoyed the free summer movie at the Trussville movie theater last week. The girls were very well behaved & it was nice to spend a day with my nieces...its hard to do that now that we have the Cole man! Brooke kept wild man & me & the girls had a great time at the movies, McDonalds, & later swimming with Cole at Brooke's house.

Perdido Beach

Well, I haven't had time to blog catching up a lil! We went to the beach with Blayne's family ( Nana & Pop, Brent, Steph, & Ashton) about a week ago now. We stayed for a long weekend & had a really good time. It was EXTREMELY crowded though. We stayed right outside Orange Beach in Perdido & the beach was packed! We had fun anyway though. The kids played on the beach & in the pool & then we enjoyed yummy food. We went to the Hangout one night & they loved the sand pile & tunnel & all the excitement & then we had some yummy seafood at Wolf Bay Lodge teh next night & later watched the catch come in off the boats. The last night we had an early dinner with Nana & Pop b/c they had to leave that night & we visited the track. We rode the carousel and bumper was fun until Ashton & Steph tried to drown us....but we'll get them back one day! We stocked up on Cole's fall clothes from the outlets on the way home ...he's all set for winter! We ended the trip with Lamberts...yum yum! We hada great time....we are so blessed to have great family on both sides and we enjoy the time we get to spend together!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Last Night

Last night I attended one of the saddest viewings have ever attended because it involved children hurting. Children who are absolutely precious! Children who I have repeatingly said I would bring home with me if I could....Last night they said goodbye to their father...he killed himself. I will never understand such desperation that you could do something like that to your family. I will never understand such a loss of hope. I believe my God can heal all things. I believe that he can lead a drug user to be clean. I believe he can lead an abuser to righteousness. I believe he can make a man a respectable father. Why couldn't he just believe those things? Why couldn't he find faith?
I will never get that sweet little girls sobbing face out of my mind. I will never forget how the oldest watched his father lay in that casket all night. I pray for God to bring them peace. I pray for HIM to heal that lil family. And I pray that God will show me how my family can help them. Because this is not a private blog, I will not state their names. But please stop and pray for 3 sweet children and the life they now face. Fortunately...they do know our Jesus....lets pray they will reach out to Him.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our friend Tony Update

Hey everyone! Tony had his hip resurfacing surgery yesterday. Everything went well and he is recovering a lil more by the hour. He is doing physical therapy 2 times a day at the hospital & its rough...but he's getting there! They are in the South Tower at St. Vincents room 527. They will probably be there until Friday or so & then go home to begin a hard recovery.Please keep praying for his recovery and well as strength for Gina & the family! Hopefully he'll be up & around before we know it!!! She has her phone & feel free to send her & Tony encouraging emails!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

We had a wonderful holiday yesterday...although it was quite busy! I started the day by helping my grandmother clean her house. Then I ran home & showered & we went to Nana & Pop's house for lunch with Brent, Stephanie, & Ashton. Afterwards, we came home & Blayne & Cole napped while I went to buy fireworks. When i got home we went to Casey & Emily's house and swam with Kadyn & Addy. Afterwards we ate with Brooke, Josh, Tess, Leah, Brad, Emily, Casey, Jason, Addy & Pappy ( Nanny is in SanDiego)....we had lots of yummy food. Finally later that night we shot fireworks! We had lots of yummy food....Cole saw homeade icecream for the first time & did his first sparkler. We had lots of fun celebrating our country & daddy's birthday!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Blayne

Happy Birthday Blayne!!!
He is 27 today!
We are celebrating at Casey & Em's tonight & he got a Miracle Balde
knife set that he has wanted for a long time!


Well Happy 4th of July....this holiday has several meanings to me....
First of all it reminds me of my has gone to be with Jesus & the other is here with us. It reminds me ofthe service they did for this country in order for us to have our freedom today. Today we will celebrate with family & friends...we'll eat & swim....we'll shoot fireworks...all because some very brave men did and continue to fight for our freedom on a daily basis. God Bless them & our country! I pray we never forget that as we celebrate...someone sacrifices...always.

Another meaning to this holiday is because one year ago today....we lost a friend...Tammi & Lori lost a brother & Ken & Laura lost a son & Madalyn & Makenzie lost a daddy.... and this community lost a hero....Greg. Today I remember him & I pray for them. I pray for peace & healing...I pray for happy memories to erase the sad....I pray for strength. As a sister....I cannot imagine
losing my brother. I cannot imagine the feeling of someone missing...always....and as a mother I cannot imagine any greater loss that your baby any age. I don't think that any words can help....I don't think anything in this world can help...but I do believe God heals and I believe HIS plan is always right.....
I do know that since we lost Greg....more lives have been touched than imaginable...I see "Can't stop a Hero" shirts everywhere....on people I've never seen before. I still see blue ribbons hanging.....I have seen magnets on cars.....Greg's life touched so many people....and so did his death. God changed lives everywhere....through his life & death....of this I am sure.
So today as you celebrate...pray forthe Surles family...remember them ...remember him....remember our men over seas....remember our gradfathers gone on & honor those still here......pray for officers, soldiers, firemen, and leaders & their safety everywhere......
Freedom is never free.......

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I saw sweet Andy tonight...he is precious! Holding a lil one can really give you baby fever....wondering where you would put one in your already too small hose reminds you of reality. Anyway...he is just perfect & sweet....Andrea looks great, however, her hernia is now affecting her bowels & she has to have surgery Wednesday morning. Please pray that she does well during surgery & can FINALLY heal! What a long year its been for her!

Another sweet baby was born this week. Laura Jane Smith. Her mommy Emily used to work with me at OES. She was 32 weeks & only 3 lbs 11oz but she is doing well in the NICU. Emily had preeclampsia. She is doing better too though. It will be several weeks of a long journey ahead so please pray for the Smith family.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We just got back from our weekend trip with Courtney & Shelby in Pensacola Fl! We had a great time. Shelby's Nina & Poppie are great & we enjoyed staying at their house. Cole met Bailey( Brittany's dog) & they had a really good time together. We enjoyed several days on the beach & some yummy home cooked meals. Its been a long time since I wasn't doing the cooking & it was soooooooo nice!!!! We also enjoyed a yummy night out at Sidelines. Nina, Poppie, & Brittany were precious & now I see where Courtney gets her sweetness from! I am blessed to call her my friend. Shelby is such a princess & soooo beautiful! We had fun taking pictures of her! She has such a big & beautiful smile!! She is still working on tables manners though as you can see in her breakfast pic below! haha! The entire trip was wonderful! Thanks everyone!!!