Saturday, July 30, 2011

See you soon Papaw....

Today we laid my sweet Papaw to rest ...not saying goodbye but simply...we'll see you soon.
I have been blessed to have him in my life for 31 years and on Thursday July 28th he left this life and joined my SAVIOR in heaven. He was an AMAZING man....there are not many men left on this earth like him and I am honored...really more than honored to be his grand-daughter.
My Papaw grew up in Margaret, Al with his parents and sister Evelyn, who they called Sis. He went to the University of Alabama and left from there to serve our country in World War II. He came home and was many things...grocer, post master, and finally worked for HUD for 20 years.
He met my Mamaw & they were married on his birthday 61 years don't hear that very often!  I only pray that me and Blayne will have 61 plus years together...he'd be 81 and I would be 83:)
My Papaw had 3 sons, 5 granddaughters, 1 grandson, 2 great-granddaughters, and 1 great-grandson.
He served his far back as I can remember.  He loved his family. He worked for everything.
He LOVED Alabama football! He wore his Alabama jacket everywhere. He always wore dress shoes and dress pants...always. I never saw him in jeans:) He cooked breakfast every morning when we stayed there....and it was served at 6 am and you better get up to eat it! He would get you  with a fly-swatter if you ran in his house. He loved turnip greens. He LOVED his garden and had one until he was absolutely physically unable to walk out there. He hated the beach, but always took my Mamaw because she loved it. He LOVED red snapper. He always chose Red Lobster over Olive Garden....not sure if it was because he liked it more or if he knew if drove Mamaw crazy:). He hid newspapers under his recliner. He LOVED his grandchildren....but he ADORED his great grandkids.

I have a few favorite stories....

He told us that he NEVER took off his wedding band. When he had heart surgeries he would argue and argue and they would finally cover it in medical tape. He finally told us it was because when he was in the service he watched all these married men take off their rings and go out to bars and he swore that if God gave him a wife when he returned home, he would forever be faithful and he would never take off his ring. He kept that promise.

He did love my Mamaw for 61 years ...but several years ago my Mamaw took away his keys. I am not sure if you have experienced what happens to a man when you take away his keys...but you basically take his freedom. day she called and said Papaw had left and said he was tired on her and was leaving her. ....
we found him at Wal-Mart...and he came home:) But it was a little funny for a day.

A few years ago I had the honor of sitting with my Papaw in the hospital for the day when he was there after a heart-attack. We sat and talked and I fed him applesauce. There is something VERY humbling about feeding your Papaw in his late 80s. We discussed life in general and he told me he was tired and ready to go home. I told him I was sure they would release him soon...he said no...I am ready to go "home." He then went on to tell me he missed his Papaw missed his Momma. He told me he had not seen her in so many years and he could not wait to see her face again. He also said he missed his Sis and was glad they were all together again in heaven but he was ready and wanted to go too. That day changed my life. I realized that my Papaw was tired. I realized that all the praying we were doing to keep him alive was selfish for us. He was ready. He knew where he was going and he was ready.  That day in the hospital made the last few weeks of him here on earth easier for me because I remembered and I prayed differently this time. I prayed in his favor...for peace and rest and my SAVIOR  and HEALER heard my prayer.

Today we buried my Papaw and we were still able to smile. We were still able to laugh.  Some people may not understand this, but we had peace. My Papaw has suffered for weeks....really months. He has not been able to recognize us. He has not been able to communicate. He has not been able to walk. He has suffered and he was ready to go home and when I got the call early Thursday morning my heart was broken and sad....but also relieved that my sweet Papaw was finally free from the pain of this world.
I cried as we looked through old pictures and we laughed as we read letters we found that he wrote home to his parents during the war. We shared good memories with Mamaw and we grieved we all had peace.  God is so good to our family . I do not know how people get through these times without him. The only reason I can have peace is knowing he is with Jesus and I'll see him again.

I am so thankful to have had him in my life. His morals and integrity have carried over into my life. He set the example before all of us. When I pass away I pray that I can be remembered with the upmost respect...just as he was today.

We'll see you again soon Papaw & we'll miss you!

 You could ALWAYS find him in a recliner somewhere:)

 Uncle Barry's wedding

 My high school graduation

 My wedding day

 The day we brought Cole home from the hospital...they were waiting in our driveway with lunch:) We ate and they fed Cole his very first bottle at home and ooooed & awwwwed over him for hours.

 Papaw's baby picture
This was his Airforce picture

Friday, July 22, 2011

A trip of firsts...

This was also a trip of firsts in our family! Cole learned to swim WITHOUT any flotation device!  He saw Addy without floaties and he was determined. He got it QUICK. We have been working a little all summer but he just took off with it & is swimming under water & everything! We are so proud of him!
He also rode go-carts for the first time. He was a little nervous but obviously liked it because he keeps asking me to do it again:)
It was a wonderful vacation and I feel blessed we were able to go and spend time with my family. The kids are
growing up so fast. These days are bittersweet exciting that they are learning new things, but sad that they are growing up so fast!

More Beach pics!

Beach Trip

Last Friday we left for our family beach trip to Panama City Beach. It was a little different this year because Nanny & Pappy could only come for a few days because Nanny hurt her back and Papaw was not doing well and Pappy was nervous to be away from home...but we still had a GREAT time and the kids played and had a blast! It rained one day on us...but it didn't slow them down...they swam and played in the rain.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time to Celebrate!

Cole was very excited about fireworks this year! The Urbans hooked us up with GREAT fireworks  from BOGO fireworks in Gadsden and he was ready to shoot them ALL day! We taught him that we celebrate FREEDOM and Daddy's Birthday!

Cars 2

We started our actual holiday with a visit to the theaters....Cole's  first official movie! He went to a free summer flick last year but basically just walked the isles and talked.....he LOVES Cars the we thought he might be ready! He has NEVER watched much TV....and hardly any movies...I guess he is just too busy. But he finally watches Mickey Mouse & Jake and the Neverland Pirates....and now he is addicted to Cars....however Cole is still not quite ready for the BIG screen. He still enjoyed the isles and playing in seat...thank goodness there were only a few people in there:) He did watch some of the movie and enjoyed it when Mater came on! It was fun anyway and I am glad we went!