Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Birthday Boy!

Well..this little guy has celebrated BIG time for his 3 year old birthday! Thursday night Nanny & Pappy started partying early & took he & Addy to Chick-Fil-A & he played his heart out! Then Friday he celebrated at his school with a special snack! Then we came home and had birthday dinner with Nana & Pop and opened presents from Mommy & Daddy and had a birthday brownie:) Then we had his birthday party at The Play Place today in Trusville. He LOVES that place! We are so blessed to have so many friends and family join us on this special day and we appreciate all of the sweet gifts ( even if it was an act of congress to get him to open them:) )I assure you they were all opened and played with when we got home! He wouldn't lay down for a nap until everything was out of boxes and checked out! It was aGREAT day! We are going to spend the remainder of the day outside when he wakes up...the weather is almost 70....perfect!
Thanks to everyone who helped make his day so special!!!
I cannot believe he is 3...........

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Cole!

Three years ago today. at this very sweet baby boy was laying in a warming bed beside me! Can you believe that? Three years has FLOWN by and we can no longer imagine what in the world we did with our time before he was born! God has blessed us with more than we will ever understand and we are so thankful for all of the precious time and memories we have had with our little guy the past 3 years! I absolutely adore my Cole man and look forward to all he is going to learn this year! Here's a Little recap/update on him now.... He goes to the doc next week but I think he's about 30 lbs FINALLY! He has definitely gotten taller. He talks SO much! He says sweet "love you as big as the sky" and loves to tell me all his kisses are "Daddy's kisses"! However his favorite things to say are..."no" & "mommy do it". He is definitely caught up in the TRYING threes! But we are surviving it. He picked a few SAD words at daycare...."stupid" and "butt head"...thank you cartoon network for teaching these words to children who in return teach them to my child. I am so NOT grateful. He LOVES football..basketcall...balls...mickeymouse.... goldfish... cars/hot wheels...... play dough..... books........ JIMBO..... outside.... and watching home movies:) He is so excited about his birthday party this year. He has talked about it for months! He loves school and his friends & teachers there. He can name all his shapes...numbers 1-10...3/4 of his letters....he absolutely amazes me at how quickly he is picking up are so smart! He CLIMBS EVERYTHING. I seriously think he could scale Mt. Everest. He has NO fear...unless its the dark or sleeping in his own bed:) He loves his family and spending time with everyone. He loves Chick-Fil-A and can stay there for hours. He dips everything he eats in ranch...seriously...he'll even dip a banana....its crazy! Ok...I guess thats a quick update.....I'll get new pictures on here soon. If you are reading...thanks for sharing 3 yearswith our Cole man and reading about our little life.

Friday, January 14, 2011

January Snow/Ice Storm what's been happening around here lately is pretty rare for a matter of fact in my 30 years I have rarely seen so much ICE! It began snowing late Sunday night and soon after that...ICE came down...LOTS of it! The next thing I know by Monday we have our very own ice-skating rink in our yard! We broke out the sleds & before we could even get on them they were sliding everywhere. After a few failed attempts...Casey & Addy finally found a path the 4-wheeler could handle and they came to sled as well.
Blayne worked from home:( SO he missed most of the fun...but we shared our pictures.
It was fun the first few days...but we quickly got over it & we are still waiting for this stuff to melt! We made some good memories though & I'll never forget my sweet lil guy saying" let's go swed mommy" we did...A LOT!

Happy New Year

Well we rang in the New Year at Brooke & Josh's house! Cole came along this year...but he behaved well & we got him to sleep at a decent time:) We had a yummy dinner...shot a few fireworks before the rain...and played a few games.
It seems like the older I get...the faster a new year comes around!
I hope 2011 proves to be a year of growth for our family. I hope the economy gets better & we feel good about starting our new home this time next year.
I hope we all get healthier. Me & Blayne are both now members of the gym and we are trying to be sure we stay healthy to see this precious little boy grow up!
We pray for the country to get out of this horrible downfall and until it does we pray that God's hands be over our jobs.
I am so thankful to be 30 years old and still have grandparents whom are still an active roll in my life. I pray that 2011 keep them safe and healthy.
We are thankful to have my parents & Blayne's parents as wonderful grandparents to Cole & look forward to wonderful times with them...starting in March as we are going to DISNEY with Blayne's family!
We are also thankful for sisters & brothers & all our beautiful nieces...they bring such enjoyment to our lives and we look forward to time spent with them this year.
Finally I look forward to all that lies ahead with my sweet Cole. I cannot believe we will celebrate his 3rd birthday in a few weeks. 3 years. I cannot believe it. It seems like only yesterday that sweet nurse called and said..."it worked" and I almost hit my knees. I still cannot believe that God trusted me with such a precious life...and although I fail daily...I strive to give him everything he needs.
I hope 2011 brings your family many wonderful memories and lots of time spent together.
Happy New Year!