Sunday, June 10, 2012

This is a very exciting post!!! 
I'll start at the beginning!
About 2  years ago, we decided it was time for Cole to be a big brother...he would be 3 and we thought 3 years apart would be nice.  It took us a while at the fertility clinic to get Cole...but we already knew the magic medication mix & so I thought this time should be easy. WOW....did God have other plans. After realizing that it wasn't going to happen on its own..we went back the the ART program at Brookwood. They looked at my record from last time & said ok...we'll start where we left off  hopefully we'll have a baby soon.  After repeating the same cycle of meds that helped us get sweet Cole, we quickly realized....this time was going to be different. 
The process became quite an exhausting, expensive, heartbreaking,painful, and stressful one VERY quickly! We took several breaks....prayed...started back....prayed....took breaks...started back.......and still no sweet baby to hold & love in the Lowry house. Finally in March after meeting with the doctors, they persuaded us to head toward IVF......after multiple failed attempts they were running out of options. Well....IVF was definitely out for us. We would have to sacrifice building a house.. living, driving  .eating...etc :) :)  and I still don't think we would have enough to pay for it :)! We decided to try one more time with the shot cycle we had used before and pray harder than ever and if God wasn't ready...then we were going to love Cole with all we had & spoil him rotten & assume that's what our plan for life was. Well...Cole will still be spoiled but in December this year...he'll have another to join him!!!! We are so excited and thankful for this sweet sweet blessing! 
We are still in shock I think over something we waited & wanted and prayed for SO long!!! 
I look back and I'll never understand why we had to travel such a bumpy path to get here...but I know I'll use our story &  strength to help anyone else going down the same path. Its hard to watch other people have no trouble. Its hard to watch people have one after another &  actually seem to take them for granted. Its hard to have people ask you every other day..."Do you not want anymore?" But in the long makes life precious...even more so than before. It makes every minute worth it &  everytime I look at Cole... I know its worth it all...ALWAYS.  I am so thankful God chose me to be a mother again....but through it all...he blessed us when we didn't deserve it & he's still amazing whether all of our prayers are answered the way we want or not. If it was my plan...we would have built a house &  had a baby 2 years ago. God's plan didn't match mine....but I am sure his will be so much better!!! So now we'll have a baby & if  its his plan...we'll build a house next spring & we'll soak up every bit of these sweet children he's allowed us to care for everyday in between! 

Thank you to those who have prayed for us. Thank you for those who keep track &  ask & also for those who waited silently and pray without questions. We are so grateful for sweet friends & family & for the POWER in prayer!  Through this process, I have learned the need for good friends &  family. Friends who call &  pray. Family who watches your baby so you can go to hundreds of Dr. visits. Bosses who are seriously angels & work with you every step of the way. Coworkers who carry your load when you can't...and a husband who adores you even when the stress, sadness, and drugs make you a monster to live with. I am forever thankful.....forever grateful....and I will spend my days trying to show those same friends and family the care, compassion, and loyalty  they have shown us the last 2 years. God has heard our prayer  Cole is going to be a BIG brother! He's excited! We're excited! I hope you are excited! 
Please pray for this baby. Pray for its safety & health. 

"From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another." John 1 :16

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Papaws marker came makes it a lot more real. So sad he's gone and missing Cole grow up...he loved his Papaw. It was one onf the first words he said & I can still hear it. Sweet sweet days.

Beach 2012

We went to the beach with the Lowry side Memorial Day weekend. We had a great time! Cole loved to swim & play in the sand. We had a great time riding an air boat at the Boondocks too! 
So blessed to have sweet vacations! 

Team Party

We had our cap ball team party at the Baron's game.
The kids had a GREAT time! 
We had a great season & the kids are so so sweet! 
I'll miss our cap ball days.