Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Opening Day

Here are some pictures from our first game....yes lucy has her helmet on backwards....thats how she wanted to wear it:)  I LOVED it!

Let The Games Begin!

Its that season again! We celebrated Opening Ceremonies & Opening day last weekend! The kids are SUPER excited.  Addy is playing her first year of softball this year & Cole and Lucy are on our team The Boston Red Sox.  I mean....could Lucy get any cuter?
Saturday was definitely a blast & we laughed and laughed during our game! Anyone who needs quality entertainment and good laughs needs to join us for a capball game....nothing is cuter! We have SO much fun!

Pell City Park

Our new favorite park in Pell City Lakeside Park. Cole LOVES it there. He even found that the pirate ship sprays water...guess where he stayed!  We met Brody & Andy there a few weeks ago and they had a blast. As you can see in the picture...they are trouble waiting to happen!


Cole loves to go fishing lately! He has his own Cars fishing pole and he's really into catching fish with it! A couple weeks ago he went fishing with Nana & Pop while we went to our Sunday night class. He had a great time.

The Garden

Cole and Pappy have been very busy at work lately planting a garden. Ofcourse Cole's favorite part was the plowing. He thinks we should plow everyday! :)  He loves Pappy's tractor.  They planted cabbage, beans, corn and will plant okra. After it was planted Cole wanted to know where the corn was....:)

The garden reminds me of my Papaw this spring. He always had a garden. As he got older my mamaw would try and do anything to keep him from planting one becuase she hated him out in that heat...but he ALWAYS found a way! Anytime I see a garden with an old chair sitting beside it... I think of him....shooting rabbits with BB guns..... I miss him...we all miss him.  Times like these I am just reminded how much.

Imagination Place

During Spring Break we met my friend Mandy and her little boy Coby at Imagination Place in Gadsden. They kids had a lot of fun together! Lucy is a mess and kept up with those boys all day:) She loved working in the Piggly Wiggly...I think I see her future part time job in high school at the Ashville PIG:)

The Cottontail Express

Nanny & Pappy took Cole & Addy on the Cottontail Express. They had a lot of fun. It was Cole's first train ride. He loved it but wanted it to go faster:) They also saw the Easter bunny and loved him!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Zoo Trip

On our first day of spring break we enjoyed the beautiful weather and met Courtney, Shelby, Darby, Brooke, & Lucy at the zoo. Cole was very excited! We pulled up and parked and he told me to hurry up...he couldn't wait to see all the dinosaurs. :) :)  It was quite funny! We might not have seen dinosaurs, but we saw a lot of great animals & the kids really enjoyed it. We were thankful to spend the day with sweet friends. We haven't seen Shelby a lot since Darby due to life in general being busy...they are such sweet friends! Darby is growing more and more....she looks so much like Shelby did! They are so blessed to have such beautiful girls!