Saturday, September 26, 2009

Roll Tide!

Even with the flu...Cole has team spirit!:)

Friday, September 25, 2009


Day 1 of the swine flu:
Cole had a temp of 103.5 this morning when I went to wake him up.
I went to the school found a sub I have never heard of...prayed for the best & off the the doc we went. Well....swine flu it is. We got tamiflu. He has had 2 doses. Fever is still coming & going. He is a lil whiny & doesn't want to get out of my sight.
He didn't want to eat much...we order Dominos & although Daddy said he wouldn't ...he loved Mommy's fav pineapple & pepperoni pizza!
Lets pray this baby will go to sleep in a lil while:)
I'll update again soon.....

On a happier note....
These are the sweet shirts that I had made at The Polka Dot Patch online. He & Addy are going to wear them when they go meet Lucy....if he gets to go that is:) She goes back monday for another visit....its just a waiting game......

Lucy's 2nd shower!

Brooke had another baby shower last Sunday. It was at Josh's cousin Nancy's house. The house was beautiful as well as the shower. She gots lots of fun & needed things!

This quilt was made my Josh's grandmother. It is for Lucy when she gets married & has a special inscription. Is that not the sweetest!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just a thought today

My Saviour, He can move the mountains,My God is Mighty to save,He is Mighty to save.Forever, Author of salvation,He rose and conquered the grave,Jesus conquered the grave.

I have been singing this all day. Such an awesome song. Thought I'd sahre so now you could be stuck singing it too.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Catching up

We are still here. We have been quite busy. Cole has been fighting off more asthma related junk. We had a very interesting night last went like this.....cough...gag...throw up...bath..change sheets.... cough...gag..throw up...bath...change you see the trend. This went on from 1 am-5am. I stayed up until 6...called a sub for 1/2 a day...& my sweet baby woke me at 8:00 ready to play. Oh...the hard times of being a mommy. The good out weigh nights like that though. Please join me as I pray now for this asthma to be childhood only. I do not want Cole to struggle with this his entire life. Pray that we can get control of this stuff & he can have a better winter than last year. I dread the season approaching.
He stayed with Nana & Pop on Friday night after me & Cole met them for dinner. He was very good & kept the gagging & coughing to a minimal. Me & Blayne went to T-Town saturday for the game. It ended up to be NO rain...a lil steamy & hot...but no rain. We had a good time. No matter how many games you go to.....nothing is like topping that ramp & looking out over that stadium. AWE......AL FOOTBALL:) The boys played great & I am looking forward to seeing what the season holds. Thanks Nana & Pop for our tickets...Roll Tide Roll!
Sunday I helped Brooke at her Ragland family shower. She got lots of stuff...that girl is going to be dressed to a "T"! We are just ready for her to be here now. I can't wait to meet her & tell her how long we have prayed for her & waited for her & how much we love her! She'll never know what her Momma went through to get her....but she'll know more love than many. I've missed sweet babies...its time for another being Lucy James Ford.
Please pray for my Mamaw Simmons...she has done so well after open heart surgery this they admitted her due to fluid on her lungs & heart...they feel it has to do with a blood clot. Thats all we know so far...pray for God to heal her & bring her home soon.

FALL- don't you love fall? Its my favorite! If this rain would stop we could really start to enjoy it. I love the leaves changing & the breeze. I love cool nights & jackets. I love Halloween & lil cider...mums...scarecrows...fall festivals....pumpkin patches...pumpkin pie....I love being outside & evening walks. I hope it starts feeling like fall very soon. I alos have several photoshoots planned in October...thats exciting...they'll be so pretty:)

Well have a good week!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

I love this video! Watch it!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Kelley Farm

Last weekend we took pictures at Emily's parents' farm. It is beautiful over there! We had a great time. Larry ( Addy's Papaw) took me & Cole for a ride on the Mule & then let Cole see all the cows up close & personal. He loved it. Then we took pictures & afterward we rewarded them both with another ride all over the farm & through the woods. Cole could ride all night! Cole also got to sit on his tractor...the boy LOVES tractors:)We had a great afernoon & took some precious pictures. We have had a very busy week this week. We spent Labor Day eating lunch with Momma & Daddy & then the evening taking pics..followed by a yummy steak dinner prepared by Blayne & then he watched the FSU game. Tuesday we spent 45 minuteds at the Moody Police dept trying to get a copy of my wreck report so we can get our truck fixed...left without one & doubting the entire staff over there. LONG story....but supposedly it takes over 2 weeks & counting to get a report back? Wednesday we kept Addy & she & Cole always have a good time. Yesterday was Open House at school & finally today is FRIDAY! Ready for the weekend!

Keep praying for Brooke & Lucy. Her bloodpressure is acting crazy...she goes back today so we'll get another update. We just want her here safely!

Monday, September 7, 2009

3 day weekend....

We are on the third day & so far its been very busy. Friday we took Brooke some gifts people have given me who couldn't make it to the shower.... we saw Lucy's finished room & their almost finished NEW kitchen/dining room & is beautiful! Now they are waiting on counter tops & it'll be complete! I am so happy for them & hope it all comes together before our sweet Lucy arrives....Saturday I took Cole to play with Addy while I went to clean Mamaw's house ( Blayne was working on the boat with Brent) ...then I picked him up headed home...put him to sleep & REALLY cleaned my house....looked GREAT...for about an hour...then back to reality that an 18 month old monster lives here. I was supposed to do a photo shoot at 5...but the rain canceled...thank goodness...stay tuned... Saturday night we went to watch the Crimson Tide at Casey & Em's house. It was a great start until I tried to take some pics & the ol camera wasn't working...PANIC mode is what I call this next part. I tried & it was not focusing...not let's go Brooke's shower a few weeks fell on the floor...I panicked but picked it up & it appeared to be ok....IT WASN'T. Evidentally something in the lens broke. I put it up at Casey & Em's & thought I'd work on it later. We had a great night & although it was a little too close for comfort...ROLL TIDE ROLL! Sunday we went to church...came home & Cole took a 3 1/2 hour nap...WOW...never happens....& in that time I realized that the lens was officially broken. We were meeting at Logan's at 6:30 for Brent's we went by HH GREGG on the way. They asked if i had the extended warranty & when I did...they gave me a new lens. PTL! Fabulous that place. In & out with a new lens in 5 minutes. BACK IN BUSINESS FOLKS! I am shooting Addy &Cole tonight if the weather stays nice & the Dorsetts' next weekend! I am loving it! Email me if you want some info on what I do! I'll send you my info sheet! The weather is perfect lately for some beautiful pictures! Anyways....we celebrated Brent's birthday at Logan's & slept in to about 8:40 this morning...those with children understand that this is HUGE:) We are heading to Momma & Daddy's later for some BBQ that has smoked all night YuMMMMMM. Oh how I love 3 day weekends. Why can't every weekend last 3 days?