Friday, June 26, 2009

Andy update

They are still running tests and it will be later this afternoon before they get to meet with the cardiologist. They gave him some antibiotics due to the high white blood cell count. Lets just continue to pray he'll be fine coming home with her in a few seems to just be a waiting game....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prayers Prayers!

A very broken Andrea just called me to tell me they have taken Andy to the NICU. ALl she knows at this time is that he has a high white cell count and they have heard a heart murmur. David is with the baby & due to surgery, she cannot go until 1:00. Please pray for Andy & the family! She went through the NIC with Brody & is just heartbroken at the thought of doing it again with Andy. I will update more as I know.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well, my grandmother had triple bypass on Tuesday. The docs said she did great & might even come home next week. She is in a lot more pain & discomfort than she its just going to have to take time and rest.
We have had a busy week. We had VBS this week at church & me & mom were the snack bar. Cole caught something so we ended up back at the DR. Friday & got another steroid for bronchial issues & we are hoping that and albuterol wil lget us through it!
He has coughed all night so Mommy is VERY sleepy!
We are going to try to grab lunch for Father's day...I hope he starts feeling better soon!

Happy Father's Day

Well....Happy Father's day to all my readers...although I think most of you are women...but anyway.... I have an awesome dad & am so thankful to have him in my life!!! Cole also has an awesome daddy! We are so blessed to have him in our lives. he takes great care of Cole & we are so blessed!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Please keep my friend Cindy & her family in your prayers. She lost her father this past week and they need to be lifted up. Thank everyone...its good to know I have prayer warriors reading!

Swim Gear

Isn't he the cutest lil beach baby.....

Panama City Beach

Well...the beach bums have returned! We had a wonderful week in Panama City last week! Cole enjoyed the beach & we enjoyed watching him. He would dig & play in the sand all morning...we would get in the ocean for a lil while...which he loved as long as someone was holding him.... and then we had a great time at the pool. He wore his water wings and splashed around & loved to be thrown back & forth. Then we would go up for lunch...Daddy would take over nap duty & I actually got some sun friends & READ AN ENTIRE BOOK! All you mommies of toddlers know what a HUGE deal that is in my life right now! We enjoyed the evenings eating at our favorite places...Capt. Anderson's , Boondocks, and we tried a few new ones this year...Hook's & The Back Porch. Everywhere had great food. We spent the evenings on the beach lettting the kids play & we took pictures. Then Cole had to go up & play ball with his Papaw ( great grandfather) every night. They loved it & so did he!! He loved watching boats in the ocean & all the many airplanes that flew by. He saw a kite for the first time & his FAVORITE part of the beach were the tractors! Thats right....the tractors that come to spread the sand & take the garbage on the beach were his favorite. He must have said "tractor" 1000 times last week! He is absolutely adorable & at such a cute age right now. He is talking so much!!!!! He even said "helicopter" the other day. We are definitely blessed beyond measure!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Updates & prayer requests

Ok...starting with Good News! Brooke is having a girl! Lucy James Ford is on her way. We are calling her Lulu! I cannot wait to start buying the fun stuff!!! She is going to be ROTTEN and she deserves every bit of it! We have waited a LONG time for her! Brooke & Josh have been trying to have a baby for 6 years! They have tried invetro twice & every fertility drug none to man! The have spent thousands & nothing worked....God sent Lucy all on his own timing! They have been WONDERFUL to Cole & Addy ....we think Cole loves Josh more than any of us! Its time for us to repay the favor! We are so thankful for this new little life coming in October!!!

Ok...sad news. My Mamaw has to have open heart sugery on June 16th. Start praying for a great surgery & good recovery. They found 70% blockage yesterday. They told us she could go to the beach with us next week as long as she takes it easy & they would fix her up when she got home. So hopefully all will go well!!!

I guess thats all going on here. I have found that it is virtually impossible to pack with a one year old...they unpack everything! He is such a MESS! Everyday is an adventure...thats for sure.

Oh...other good news. Our friend Tony got another opinion & they are hoping to do other hip replacement. They are waiting to hear from the docs! Please pray for a better option to be the plan!

Last one promise...Brad & Jessica are returning from Costa Rica on Saturday. They have been there on a mission trip with youth! Please pray for a safe return home! I've missed my friend...but I am so glad they have been doing awesome things over there!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just for Fun...

You know you have a one year old if.....
  • You buy Goldfish in stock
  • All the chairs around your table are lying on the floor due to climbing issues
  • You have cardboard taped over the power button on your big screen
  • Your child thinks the camera is the front of your face
  • Shout spray is on every walmart list
  • Your friends offer to call you back constantly due to background noise
  • You have a plastic spoon in your purse for discipline purposes
  • You have mastered holding a baby & also using the bathroom in public places
  • You rarely see the table in a resturant anymore due to the constant walking outside
  • "No-No" is used every other sentence in your daily vocabulary
  • Teaching Kindergarten actually seems easier than staying home
  • People enter your home & say "Wow" at the stuff
  • You are late everywhere!
  • Your hair always contains something sticky
  • Your floor is constantly sticky
  • Applejuice takes over your fridge
  • You have flashed multiple people in public due to him pulling your shirt down
  • Walmart Day is a nightmare
  • you know over 100 definitions for "aahh"
  • You are no longer asked out to dinner with friends who do not have children

But most important...

You have the time of your life with the most PRECIOUS gift God can give anyone!