Thursday, February 19, 2015


So sometimes in my school district we have a late delay for extremely cold weather. Some people get VERY upset about this bc it's "just cold" but not dangerous.  I've never understood why they get so mad, but in their defense I don't think they understand one reason I am thankful we delay.... For the sake of privacy... We'll call him.... Owen.  Owen goes to my elementary school. He comes in everyday off the bus and gets breakfast. The sweet ladies in the lunchroom send him to class with a bag of chips bc they know he won't have a snack later. He unpacks his tattered backpack.... But no need to find a jacket hook he didn't wear one. He got up this morning bc his older brother woke him up.  A mommy or daddy didn't snuggle up next to him or turn on cartoons to help him get up. They didn't kiss him until he rose or tell him breakfast was ready on the table. Owen got up alone. He got dressed alone. He stood outside waiting on a bus without a jacket in temperatures in the teens. He didn't have someone to tell him it's too cold to stand out there or to remind him to put on a coat. He and his brother pretty much handle everything themselves.  He put on his short sleeved shirt and jeans and came to school.  My school has a lot of Owens. I hope yours doesn't! That's wonderful! But it doesn't change the fact that mine does. It only happens a few times each winter.... Maybe 3-4 at the most.... It only happens when it's extremely cold. I have never thought we abuse it. I have always understood, but I guess to some people it does just look like teachers want to sleep in and cause all parents to have to go in to work late. But next time you see a late delay I challenge you to think of it a little differently....with a little more compassion... Think of Owen in a short sleeve shirt standing by an iced over mailbox and be glad it was even just a few degrees warmer for him due to the delay. 

7 years

Cole turned 7 in January! How is this even possible!!! Time is flying by!!! My itty bitty baby is not itty bitty anymore! He's growing like a weed!!! He plays flag football, basketball, & baseball. He loves Xbox & his new 3DS. He likes ninja turtles, avengers, and anything sports! He loves playing outside and is a great big brother. He got the highest reading average 1st semester in 1st grade. I was so proud of him. I would have never known life with this boy would be so much fun!!! I am so blessed to be his mommy! 

My little love

My little love turned 2 in December! I cannot believe 2 years have come and gone! I am so blessed to be his mommy! He is my little blessing & mess all at the same time! I love his lil personality!! He and Cole are so good together and I cannot imagine our family without him!! I thank God for the opportunity to love him everyday! 
2 year old info
25 lbs. 
Loves Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald, books, the iPad, his paci:) , milk, muffins, pecan rolls, chips, any kind of ball, trucks, trains, and playing outside.