Monday, April 25, 2011


We are still having lots of fun in our capball world!

Saturdays are definitely a treat. Our little team has gotten much better and the kids are really improving every week. However they each still have time for a meltdown on occasion...Cole had one in Saturday's game...TaTa got it on camera....classic.

31 years

I cannot believe 31 years have come and gone. 30 used to be SO OLD and now its ME.. plus 1 ....yikes! I guess I cannot complain...I have had 31 WONDERFUL years and my life has turned out better than I could have ever dreamed! I am married to a wonderful guy...have a precious son....a family like NO other...and amazing friends who can help you get through anything.

I have learned so much in my 31 I'll blog on a few....

  • Jesus First...always.

  • be cannot be replaced...when you find the one...hold on forever

  • give more than you take

  • surround yourself with happy people....get away from Debbie downer before she takes you down

  • respect people...all people

  • spend more time with the people who make you Lemon Pound Cakes when you are day they'll be gone and you'll miss those days of love from the kindness across the street:(

  • WORK for what you makes you appreciate so much more!

  • what goes around does not always come around to everyone....that mean girl in high school is still rotten & skinny & beautiful...but you just don't care anymore

  • babies grow up fast...rock them every chance you get and then some!

  • leave work at work

  • do at least 1 load of laundry everyday

  • pets can be just as hard to lose as people

  • DVR things and watch them after your baby goes to bed.

  • read books....make time for it...its worth it

  • be loyal & matter what

  • save and pay your bills...but every now & then is too short

  • never leave dirty dishes in the sink...its a horrible way to start your day

  • have no regrets...only memories and thankful hearts for where your path led you

  • those few women who are loyal will help you through ALL things and you'll do the same for them...even when its hard

  • babies are miracles....never think different....don't take one moment with them for granted...including the time you carry them 9 months

  • get skinny before 30...its all gets harder after that!

  • never pass up a Birthday Shake from Zaxbys

  • Take your kids to Disney world... if you can't afford for really is magical!

  • Do what you love and feel called to do...even if your paycheck declines yearly....its still a calling regardless of money

  • GO TELL....HE told us too!

  • say you are sorry and mean it when the time comes

  • accept that someone else can always do it better than you

  • don't wait until you are in your 30s to learn to never will:)

There are many more...but those are a few that came right to my mind.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

We had our annual Easter Egg Hunt at Brooke's house this weekend. We had a great time and had LOTS of kids this year! We could not have asked for a more beautiful day to celebrate. Brooke always goes all out and we have a GREAT time! The kids could have played all night & they did until dark:)

Bunnies again!

We also made a trip over to Mrs. Jodie's house for some more bunny pictures! We got one of the 3 cousins but you'll notice Cole did not stop for any individual this time. She had WAY too much for him to do at her house!!! I think he would have stayed there:) Thanks for sharing your bunny Katie!

Bunny Pictures

Last weekend one of my coworkers allowed me & my friend Casey to go take pictures with their bunnies they have for sale. The pictures turned out very cute and the kids had fun taking them...and riding the golf cart afterwards:) Thank you Leann & Cade!