Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011

10 years ago today I was in class at UAB. Our class was interrupted and our teacher walked out. She came back in and rolled a television in with her. She turned it on and we watched as the first building was in flames and then as the 2nd building was hit. All classes were dismissed and we were told to go home. I walked out of that building confused that this was really happening to of the free. As I walked to my car I saw a large group at the Hill Center and I decided to go. I grabbed the hand of a perfect stranger and I joined them as we prayed for those in NYC and D.C. I then went to my friend Gina's apartment and we watched the replays and events of the day. We sat in silence for the most part. All eyes watching something we had never experienced. I talked to my parents & to Blayne. We all had a sense of fear. No one knew what would happen next. I remember waiting on pins & needles the remainder of the week. What was happening next? Who would they get next? I remember my Papaw saying..."we've been attacked again" and saw his fear...realizing they had been through this before. I remember people driving around with flags waving from the back of pick up trucks.  I remember a nation praying. It was a scary time. It was a sad time. It is hard to believe it was 10 years ago. Today  I think of those who lost someone that day and  those who were heroes. I think of those who sacrificed their own lives to help others. And I also think about all the men and women who have continued to serve and those who have enlisted since that day. I am thankful there are courageous men & women willing to serve and protect our country.

God saw us through that terrible day. We sought HIM and he was there. I only wish we called out to HIM everyday like we did then.
14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14
In my opinion....our country is just as desperate today as we were that day...maybe even more only this time in a completely different way.

Who am I?

SO todays sermon was very good. We discussed Matthew 16 where Jesus asks" Who do you say I am?" I thought a lot about it and in 31 would be very hard for me to sum up who HE is...who HE is to I'll just give you what I thought about immediately...
He is my savior. He saved me from an eternity separated for him. He is my leader. He is my father, He is merciful. He is a teacher. He is a Daddy. He is the one who calms fears. He is the one who you go to when decisions are too hard. He is the one with open arms after you have gone away too long. He is the one says...its ok. He is the healer. He puts a baby where a doctor says one will never grow. He is the string between 2 people in a marriage. He is the provider at the beginning and end of every month. He is the giver and He is also the taker. He is the one who listens and answers prayer. He is the one to wipe away tears. He is the one standing with you when everyone else has walked away. He is the one you run to when life is too much. He is the hand reaching out for you when you are drowning in this life. He is the one who has answers about raising kids. He is the one who comforts in death. He is the one who can heal all things. He is perfect. He is mighty. He is my protector in this life. He shares. He did and still is doing miracles everyday. He is powerful. He is sought after by those in need. He is wise and shares that wisdom through his word. He is the one who forgives me. He is constantly moving in our lives. He is compassionate. He is distinctive...there is no one like HIM. He restores the lost and broken. He destroys the enemy. He is victorious. He is everlasting. He is ALIVE! He is preparing a place for me. He is coming back! HE IS JESUS.

Who am I?

I am HIS.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Heavy Heart

I have not had time to post lately...but life has been overwhelmed with sadness much sadness that I lie awake at night and cannot sleep because my heart is so heavy for friends.
Please pray for my friend Amy as she lost her husband in a car accident. She and her children are rebuilding their lives now in TN and they need daily prayers.
Also, please pray for my friend Ashley. She lost her triplet boys Harrison, Jack Thomas, and Merritt. Please pray for healing and peace for she and Colin in the days ahead. These boys were miracles to begin with and I know God had a special plan for their life even if it was in their mommy's womb. They brought her such unbeleivable joy and I just pray that God can comfort her in a way that we cannot here.
Thank you for praying for my friends. I truly beleive that he hears every prayer and that every prayer matters.