Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I know I know...WAY here are some updates on our life!

  • School started back...Cole is doing GREAT! Daddy takes him to school now and he is right back in the swing of probably helps that his school has a new playground that he LOVES:)
  • We are going to have a new neice in January...Elsie Clayre. Ashton is so excited!
  • I am not sure if I ever mentioned...but we moved back to our home church in March and are loving every minute. We have connected with some old & new friends and look forward to every Sunday & Wednesday. We are so thankful God sent us somewhere we can serve and we hope he continues to provide opportunities.
  • Tomorrow starts day 4 and so far my class is precious. I feel like i work at the BEST school in the BEST system and have the BEST boss and am so thankful to be there!

Along with updates I have several very important prayer concerns that I want to share so you can join me in prayer daily. A former coworker, Amy Fannon, lost her husband in a car accident this weekend. I taught 2 of her children and am so heavy hearted for this precious family. Please pray for strength as they lay him to rest tomorrow.
Also, my friend Ashley has anxiously awaited to have a baby and God blessed her with 3 boys! However, she has already gone in to pre-term labor an is now on permanent bed rest at 21 weeks. Please pray for her safety as well as the boys.
My heart has been very heavy worrying about my friends and I am constantly reminding myself that he said we can lay our burdens down at his feet and that is what I am trying to do....daily.