Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Beach Trip

Well, we went on another family beach trip with my family and had a great time .We stayed in a condo together and really enjoyed the company together. The kids were rotten all week and we ate like kings & queens. we all gained 10 pounds I think:) Here are a few highlights of the trip....
  • Day 1- Cole climbed up on a stack of chairs on the balcony....Dad grabbed him as he was getting ready to look over almost had a heart attack...Cole was banned from alone time on the balcony.
  • Addy can swim...all by herself...all over the place!
  • Cole can doogie paddle across the pool for a few seconds....with no swimmies:) It makes Nanny a nervous wreck....but he is learning:)
  • Lucy had as much clothes as all of us:) She is the best dressed baby in town!I think I counted 14 bathing suits:) Can you tell she is a miracle baby?
  • Cole & Addy were beach babies! They dug...they swam...they fed seagulls, they chased seagulls, & Cole even threw sand:( They LOVED it!
  • Thomas' donuts....yum...enough said...happy morning.
  • Capt. Anderson's, Sharkys, Boondocks, The Shrimp Boat, you see why I gained 10 back to reality.
  • We took our first ride on a fan money we spent down there...tons of fun! Saw 2 alligators too!
  • Peir Park rides! Cole & Addy loved them.. Lucy rode the carousel and then headed to bed:)
  • Nanny said the slogan of the week was...."Where's Cole?" We all said it a lot.
  • Cole thought it was fun to chunk Nannie's shells over the balcony...lucky no one was below.
  • Taboo caused a family argument...Tess, Brooke, Josh, & Emily are cheaters.
  • Phase 10...the game that never ends.
  • The Hangover- great movie to watch funny!
  • Fireworks shot from the peir...beautiful!!!!
  • NO OIL!

We had a wonderful time . We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to vacation with family...and even more than that to have family. God is so good to us. I know everything he created is so perfect...but sitting on the balcony at the beach watching those waves and that sweet sound....I mean only He could make a place so beautiful.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Spring Valley Beach Trip

So we had a big group of OES teachers & kids go to Spring Valley Beach this week. Have I mentioned I work with the most amazing coworkers? I love them & their families! We were still missing several who were unable to make it...but we had a wonderful time celebrating with those who were able to come. A few memories to share....Doreen rode water slide...did I mention she cannot swim? Her face coming off a water slide was one to remember for a lifetime!:) I love her! Jan is not in any pictures...she threatened my life....she was there..right beside Salli all day....but just no pics...however she & Salli both worried about getting home in time to water their crops. They are such good farmers. Christa & Holli were there too...somehow I just missed them. Cheryl brought Allsion & that made us all happy...Allison is the official OES babysitter. We love it:) Seriously, we all hada great day swimming, sliding, floating, & chatting. I really work with some great ladies!
Everything changes for us at school this year. We lost nine teachers to our neighboring schools. We also lost some aides due to funding. We will be a much smaller group. It will be strange not to see some faces I've seen for the past 7 years. However, the smaller school will be nice for a change. I am looking forward a new start at our school. I am looking forward to closer relationships. I am looking forward smaller field trip numbers:) I am looking forward for my wonderful team of 6. They all ROCK!
I am blessed. I love my job. I love my coworkers. I love my school.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Play Place

So have I told you we love A Play Place in Trussville. Cole could stay in there all day! We went this week with Andrea, Brody, Andy, & Molly & had a great time. He seriously loves that place!
He also loves Brody. I think they will always be good freinds.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

So many first...

So we have so much to blog about...but I really need to get little man in this will be short & sweet & I'll catch up later..... We have had several firsts in the last few weeks....

Cole saw his first movie in the theater. We went to the free summer flick in Trussville & saw Charlotte's Web with Casey, Trent, & Brooklyn. He did great! He ate his popcorn & we actually made it through the movie:)

Cole had his first case of Swimmer's Ear infection...HORRIBLE.... He was in so much pain. We were at children's South on 4th of July with an oozing ear...not a good first!

Cole helped Mommy wash the car for the first time....were were soaked......he was incharge of the hose pipe:)

Cole repeated his first ugly word......:( Sad day. Mommy & Daddy are working hard for that not to happen again. Not that he hears stuff like that .....but one slip up & guess who soaked in all in...and continued to use it in context.....God can definitely guilt you on that one......

Cole saw Mommy play softball for the first time. He cheered with all his heart.

Cole watched Mickey Mouse for the first time...yay we are finally watching something besides Barney! i said I will post again with more later...we have just been so busy & going....going....going lately:) We are so blessed to be enjoying summer.
God is so good!
Please continue to pray for our house to sell. It looks like we officially lost the contract we is heart breaking...however, we know and trust that God knows better & he will send a buyer in His time.....we will continue to wait on his will.....

Please keep prayers going for my Papaw.....he fell last week & broke his hip. He had to have full hip replacement. He is in a lot of pain & not doing well. Please pray for his strength & perseverance. He is currently still in the hospital.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sunday started off quite interesting...we were up all night with a screaming lil man & ended up at Children's South. He had a really bad ear infection. We got some meds & headed home . He acted ok as long as he was we went on as planned to Casey's house that night. We had a great time celebrating with family. Cole was definitely not 100% but he didn't let it slow him down.
We are so thankful for our freedom. I am so thankful for the men & Women prtotecting our country today. I am amazed at their sacrifice and will forever be grateful!
I am also extremely thankful for my freedom in Christ. I am so thankful that my chains are gone and I no longer have to carry around my sins! He died on a cross for me and he defined the word "sacrifice." I am thankful I have the freedom to worship and serve him in this country and also ashamed that I take it for granted.
I hope you all hada wonderful 4th of July! We definitely have A LOT to celebrate in this country...
It was also Daddy's birthday! We had a great day & kept celebrating into Monday. We took him shopping to get him some new shoes & he showed Cole & I his new office building on 280. It is SOOO nice! Cole loved the fancy fountain outside. We then ate with his family at yummy Outback! We love that place! ( it was our first date:)