Saturday, December 15, 2012

My heart has been very burdened by the most recent school shooting in an elementary school. Every year we practice an intruder drill....we lock our doors and sit quietly and all the never crosses my mind that this would actual happen at my school...I teach kindergarten...not high school. All that changed yesterday. While me and my babies were having a Christmas party...the news was covered up with a school shooting....kindergartners....babies....just like mine. Teachers actually had to hide those sweet babies from a shooter...they had to get them to safety...they had to tell them to be quiet as they heard gunshots...they had to remain calm themselves while experiencing something so terrifying....I cannot wrap my mind around how this could happen....why would anyone want to kill all those babies? I'll never understand it...and the words intruder drill will mean more to me now than ever before. Open doors and adults without visitor passes will catch my eye quicker. Angry parents will haunt me. I will not only be changed at school...but I will think twice bfore leaving my house mad...frustrated becaue we are late....frazzled due to bad mornings...I will try to slow it sure we all leave with "I love you"...and hugs & kisses. My 4 year old climbing in the bed and stealing my pillow at 2am doesnt seem so bothersome a matter of fact it allowed me to hold him all night last night...thankful he was laying beside me....not in a school building waiting to be identified. I'll never understand why things happen like they did in CT  yesterday, but I know we serve a KING who can fix all things...heal all those who are hurting, and give peace to those who cry out for it. I am so thankful to have Jesus in my life and pray for those trying to get through this who do not know him. I pray we are all changed by this event.....I pray we all lean more  on HIM.

December Happenings....

Cole and Daddy went hunting...he loved it! He's definitely going to follow after Daddy! 

 We met Courtney, Shelby, & Darby at the Galleria to ride the carousal. It wasa lot of fun!

We watched the Moody parade with Nana & Pop. Ashton & Elsie were in the parade:)

We had Christmas with the Tollisons at their house. The boys had a blast together:)

Cole is LOVING the advent calendars! He gets exctied to do them everyday!

We went to a Polar Express event at BellView Baptist was awesome!!! They did a wonderful job and Cole had so much fun!

We had our annual Birthday Party for Jesus at my house.  The kids each decorated their own cake & then had fun playing!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

November is November in a nutshell....
Cole's preschool choir sang in church. He was much more shy  this year!!! But he did it  & he knew all the words to the Little Drummer Boy. It is his favorite!

We went to Disney on Ice ! He loved it....Peter Pan & Capt. Hook were there again and he absolutely loves them. It is so sweet to see him wave to the characters....Donald waved back & he said Mommy he remembers me from Disney World! Oh I'm gonna miss that one sweet!!!

Bethel Wee Care had a feast. Nana & Pop attended with me & Cole. Daddy couldn't take off:( But we had a great meal & lunch together!

We celebrated at Nana & Pop's house on Wednesday night with yummy food & good conversation & the kids had fun!

We celebrated Thanksgiving Day at Nanny & Pappy's house.
This year was special becaue Aunt Brandi was here from LA, CA!

About 35 1/2 weeks!
That wraps up November except for TaTas wedding!!!! Which will haev to be its own post soon! Beautiful Day!!


We have had so many people help us celebrate the upcoming arrival of sweet Rhett. We had a little party at Emily's house given by sweet friends & family. It wasa great day with some of the most precious people in my life. I am so grateful for their friendships! Good true friend are so aluable in this life! I am blessed to have some amazing women in my life!
We also had a fabulous party at school hosted by my co workers. We have been together for a while now & I love them all dearly. I am so thankful for the girls I get to work with everyday!!! They are awesome! They did WAY too much but we loved it!
I don't have pics on here yet...but my class surprised me with a shower. it was so CUTE! They were so excited! We had yummy cupcakes & snacks & they got me some super sweet gifts! I have some GREAT mom's in my class this year & I am so grateful!!! sweet Sunday school girls took me to lunch last week & then we went back to Ashlee's house for so cake and super sweet prizes for Rhett. They are all precious precious girls and I feel blessed to have the honor of working with them at Bethel!
Our hearts have been so touched through all the kindness others have shown us. We really didn't need much with it being a 2nd baby...but people have blown me a way with such sweetness and giving hearts! For everyone who had any part of celebrating Rhett...thank you...I won't forget it!!!
Now we can celebrate that he's almost here!

Catching up October I am WAY behind! I had a little set back. Apparently I used up all my space to upload pictures for free & had to figure out how to delete old pics! I finally figured it out & now I am going to limit the number i put in each post;)
Here are the highlights of October...
Cole's Class took  his VERY FIRST field trip to Old Baker Farm. He had a blast & I had fun being a "mommy" on a trip instead of a teacher!
I cannot believe this is his last year at Bethel Wee Care. We have LOVED  it there and are so blessed that all of the teachers there have been a part of his life. I would have loved to stay home with my baby, but since that wasn't in the plans for us...this is the next best thing to me! HE has been cared for by some of the BEST and we are so grateful! I cannot believe everything he is learning from Mrs. Jackie this year. She does an incredible job!

Cole was Jake from Jake and The Neverland Pirates for Halloween. He lOVES Jake!  I think he was the cutest little pirate I've ever seen!!! He got to wear his costume to school this year too!  We had lots of fun fall festivities..carving pumpkins included! We had a good time at the Bethel Fall Festival & then we trick or treated at a few houses. It was a fun night! I love are so cute dressed up!!!

Addy turned 6 this year! Unbelievable!!! She is such a big girl! I have her in my class at school this year & get so tickled watching her little personality! She is a good mix of them both! I absolutely love when she tells me her head hurts and it might be her blood pressure.....signs your mom might be a nurse:) She had a great party at Pump It Up!