Sunday, November 28, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Well...the tree is up at our house & the spankings have begun as this lil wild man feels he is supposed to THROW all the balls and ornaments. He's never touched the tree in years before....I guess our luck has run out!:)
On a serious note, I have tried to continually explain to Cole that Christmas is Jesus' birthday. Its fun to talk about Santa & build up that excitement...but in a world that hardly talks about the real meaning of Christmas...I feel it is so important for him to know why we really celebrate & this year he is starting to understand. If he ever thinks Christmas is only about Santa & presents...then I have failed him. I want him to know about Jesus & giving first. I pray I can do this successfully with God's help and I encourage you to try the same thing.
"......what if Christmas he thought doesn't come from a store....what if Christmas he thought means a little bit more....." Dr. Suess
"For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord."
Luke 2:11

Happy Thanksgiving

Well...thanksgiving was a little different in our house this year. We began the weekend with our traditional Wednesday night dinner with Nana & Pop and had a great dinner and night. However after we returned home, Cole had a fever. We spent the next day in a nightmare of events....calling Dr. office at 7:00....nurse returning call at 8:00...sent us to after hours at 9:00....after hours closed when we arrive at 10:00.....debated ER....decided on American Family Care....waited to see a doctor until alomost 12:00...released with chest congestion(bronchitis) & antibiotic at 1:00....waited for a drug store until alomost 2:00... had Burger King for lunch as we waited.......home to take a nap......thanksgiving leftovers for dinner.....just the 3 of us.
Although it was not ideal...I am still very thankful someone was open & my baby was treated and is now on his way to recovery.
We have so much to be thankful for this year! Here are just a few.....
  • Jesus Christ is our Savior!
  • We have a wonderful church family at Crosspoint
  • We sold our house this year
  • We celebrated many birthdays with family & friends this year
  • We celebrated several new babies this year
  • Our family is happy & healthy
  • We are both currently working!
  • We have not gone without in a time where people are struggling daily
  • We have parents & grandparents loving us!
  • We have the MOST BEAUTIFUL nieces ever!

We are blessed beyond measure! God is good all the time!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Well...we are overdue on a good update post. Today marked the Thanksgiving Break for the schools! I have an entire week off & am SO thankful! We have been so busy and I am looking forward to some" down" time or atleast "Cole" time:) He is growing like a weed & absolutely makes me & Blayne laugh every night. Here are a few of my favorite things about him lately....

  • I wub u dis much mommy!
  • He always says monster cookie instead of cookie monster
  • do we go to disney world today mommy? No March....
  • Is today March?
  • Cole's answer to anything that will not come on- its broke mommy...needs batteries
  • I not go to school today mommy.....
  • let's go look for deers in Pappy's woods
  • Pappy killed a mean an armadillo Armadillo
  • Lucy is MEAN mommy!
  • I like Dorie.....( Dora)
  • I go to Mickey Mouse clubhouse mommy
  • " GET EM ...GET EM..." screaming every time a football game comes on

He is our little funny man and WILD man! He loves living near Nanny & Pappy & Ta Ta! He loves Brooke & Josh, but is deathly afraid of Lucy. He loves Nana & Pop & tries to get me to take him to Pop's house in the mornings. He loves to play X Box with Daddy & especially likes it when Brent is online too. He loves his Gator tractor. If you hear him say...down set hut hut.....look out, hes about to tackle someone at full speed. Addy is his best friend....they love eachother & then fight:)

As a family...we are good. We are living in Casey & Emily's old house. We like it heere. We have decided to put off building a little while due to appraisels on new houses & such...great time to buy...not a great time to build.....just our luck. Thats ok....God has a plan & we are just waiting & listening to HIM.

Several friends lost parents reminded me to never take mine for granted. I am so appreciative for their health and involvement in our lives. I continue to pray for the Lovell & Bryan families during such a sad time.

Several sweet friends have lost babies this month. I cannot imagine their pain and I just pray for peace & comfort in their lives. We will never understand this part of his plan...but we know he will guide them through their storm and one day they'll see their sweet angels again.

Santa is bringing us a new dog in a few weeks. We are looking forward to meeting little Jimbo:) I hope the next dog is as sweet or even sweeter than Bowden. Cole is so excited & I cannot wait to see his face:)

Well...I will try to be better and update more often through the holidays. I hope we all remember how thankful we are this week. God has blessed me with more than I could have ever imagined. I am so thankful for all of HIS blessings!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A weekend of Firsts!

So...this was supposed to be a relaxing 4 day weekend around my house...well....2 day for Blayne/4 day for me & Cole.....but things changed quickly. Blayne came home from work early on Wednesday not feeling well. He stayed in bed all afternoon with a temp. He woke Thursday still not feeling great. I was convinced he had the flu & insisted he go to the doc before he gave it to all of us.....he of course wanted to wait until he was off work on Saturday...but after a little nagging, he agreed to go. Now lets all keep in mind that Blayne has not been to a doc in almost 7 years...yes you read that correct. If he ever gets sick, his body fights it off. He has had some sinus junk for a few weeks & he just toughed it out like he always had. Now, back to the story.....he goes to a doc in Moody & the next thing I know he calls telling me I have to come get him and take him to the ER because his heart rate is way to high. I get there & they are very concerned and slightly flipping me out. I am thinking heart attack. We get to the ER...still high heart rate. They start checking his legs fro swelling and keeping asking him his pain scale...but he didn't have any. After bloodwork & xrays, they find his white blood cell count to be 27000 and right lung has pnuemonia. His heart rate was so high due to his body going CRAZY to fight this nasty infection. He had to be admitted for the night and we stayed until around 3:00 the next day. He is home and has rested all weekend. He is still not back to normal, but we hope he will be in a few what a weekend...Blayne's 1st ER visit...his first IV....his 1st hospital stay..... lets hope it doesn't happen again anytime soon! Thanks to everyone who called or sent messages!