Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bittersweet Goodbye

Well, I can finally sit down and blog about our crazy...exciting...emotional life!
Well...10 days ago we closed on our house & today we are finally completely moved out and have handed it over to its new owner.
It has been a WILD crazy adventure!
It has been emotional as well. We are ready to move on to our next adventure but that house holds every sweet memory we have made so far in 6 1/2 years.
We were so blessed to be able to move in 4 months after we were married . I remember thinking it was HUGE and I guess it was until about 2 1/2 years ago:)
From birthday parties...Saturday nights with friends...Halloween Parties...New Year's Eve celebrations...Saturday football games....Sunday afternoon naps....that house has been HOME.
From Bowden's paws to Cole's lil feet. I have loved my life there.....
So...farewell Crooked Creek Lane....
We'll miss you.....

Pop & Nana graciously got a U-Haul to help us. We could not have done it without them & we are so grateful for great help! Pop was a great driver too. When he pulled up, I never dreamed we could even fill half this truck.

We decided the new puppy ( we plan to get) would love to have Bowden's house:)
The boys were not so happy about moving it!

Well...we did fill the MAX.

Thanks to all of those who helped us move & the sweet freinds who took care of Cole on moving day. He has never stayed with a friend before...but he loved it & had a great day with Brody:) We are so blessed for great family. From packing boxes, to fixing up the old house & also the little house we moved lifting doghouses that certian people can't let go. We are SO THANKFUL for all the help! Moving is so hard....

Goodbye sweet boy....

I wrote in this concrete 6 1/2 years ago.....time sure flew by...I never dreamed God would bless me so much! I am one lucky girl! I am so thankful for HIS blessings and HIS plans.....

I hope the new owner loves our house as much as we did & I hope her memories and just as sweet!
We are currently living in my brother's old house as we await to build. We plan to get started long it will take...who knows...Pappy is running the show:) As we wait...I am sure Cole will enjoy having Nanny & Pappy in the backyard & we are going to LOVE our huge front porch this is currently Cole's personal parking garage with all his riding toys. We think the "little" house as Cole calls it will feel like HOME in no time.

Happy Birthday Brody!

We also celebrated Brody's 4th birthday last weekend! The boys had a great time together. Cole thinks the world of Brody & wants to be around him ALL the time:)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Aiden

Aiden turned 4!
We had a great time celebrating with him Friday night!
All the kiddos had a great time. I cannot believe he is 4...seems like he was just born....

Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Crazy life....

So we are still here...its just been crazy at our house. Clean the house... show the house....get a contract on the house.....inspect the house.......fix things found during inspection.......clean house again........reinspect the house........move on with closing.......clean the little house we will be moving into........find out we will close & be out in 2 weeks.......start boxing up.......still boxing up........still boxing up ........cry when you put away baby things............. wondering if the boxing will ever get finished......... sad when you find your dog's itty bitty baby collar.....still boxing up.......remembering the day you moved in & how exciting....a little sad again & wondering how one can get so attached to a "place"......get over it & keep boxing up.....clean house again for final walk through........ wondering if life will ever be normal again......PRAYING for a smooth closing at 4:00 today........and then let the boxing & moving get on their way! That has been our life lately...I promise to update more later.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Goose Season

Look what Daddy brought home....
Cole loved it..Mommy not so much. Cole just grabbed it right out of the bag & didn't think twice about it. Mommy did not touch it! I better enjoy my Saturday mornings with my lil guy....I have a feeling in a few years...he'll be off with Daddy!
I do not understand the thrill in it really.....but I imagine its just as exciting as finding the "perfect" pair of black boots.... or something like that:)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Big Mable....

Bumping up & down in Big Red Mable.....
Bumping up & down in Big Red Mable.....
Bumping up & down in Big Red Mable.....
All the way down the river......

Nana & Pop got Big Mable & we tried her out today!
We had a BLAST!


I have had several people asking about my sweet niece this one is for her! She is precious! Growing like a weed! She was officially released from her brace in July & she is EVERYWHERE! She is a quick lil crawler! She also eats EVERYTHING! She'll eat a cheeseburger! She snatched a cracker right out of Cole's hand this weekend & caused a major breakdown:) She can say ...mama, dada, light, hello, & bye. She has the sweetest lil grin ever! She is definitely rotten...but well deserved! Her savings account is bigger than mine already. We'll all be asking to borrow money from her in a few years:) And she might be the best dressed baby in Alabama:) We love her to pieces and continue to be thankful for this lil miracle God provided our family. Here Mommy & Daddy are so proud! Just wait until I post about the first birthday next month... Josh claims they will have to take out a loan at the rate Brooke is planning:)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I haven't had a lot of time to post lately....but Cole LOVED the football game. I mean LOVED the football game. He was so excited...ofcourse he loved the bleachers and jumping on them the most, but he really loved the whole excitement too. His expression watching the players warm up when we first got there was priceless! He left after half time with Blayne while I worked the concession stand. He was asleep when I got home. The next morning he rolled over & I said..."did you have fun at the game?"....very sleepily...he said..."let's do it again Mommy." Love it!