Sunday, November 14, 2010

A weekend of Firsts!

So...this was supposed to be a relaxing 4 day weekend around my house...well....2 day for Blayne/4 day for me & Cole.....but things changed quickly. Blayne came home from work early on Wednesday not feeling well. He stayed in bed all afternoon with a temp. He woke Thursday still not feeling great. I was convinced he had the flu & insisted he go to the doc before he gave it to all of us.....he of course wanted to wait until he was off work on Saturday...but after a little nagging, he agreed to go. Now lets all keep in mind that Blayne has not been to a doc in almost 7 years...yes you read that correct. If he ever gets sick, his body fights it off. He has had some sinus junk for a few weeks & he just toughed it out like he always had. Now, back to the story.....he goes to a doc in Moody & the next thing I know he calls telling me I have to come get him and take him to the ER because his heart rate is way to high. I get there & they are very concerned and slightly flipping me out. I am thinking heart attack. We get to the ER...still high heart rate. They start checking his legs fro swelling and keeping asking him his pain scale...but he didn't have any. After bloodwork & xrays, they find his white blood cell count to be 27000 and right lung has pnuemonia. His heart rate was so high due to his body going CRAZY to fight this nasty infection. He had to be admitted for the night and we stayed until around 3:00 the next day. He is home and has rested all weekend. He is still not back to normal, but we hope he will be in a few what a weekend...Blayne's 1st ER visit...his first IV....his 1st hospital stay..... lets hope it doesn't happen again anytime soon! Thanks to everyone who called or sent messages!