Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Well....its been a few weeks. Things are in CRAZY mode at school. We are winding down. I am so ready for summer! With Margaret opening and transfers happening...tension at work is unreal....people are jaded...people are excited....emotions are all over the place....and everyone is out of control. I am ready for summer so it can all go away & we can all start fresh next year.
So...we have been spending LOTS of time outside even though my Mr. Wheezy child probably shouldn't be. He just LOVES it. He STILL doesn't watch more than 5-10 minutes of tv.I mean really where did this kid get this? Mommy & Daddy love tv! :)
We are also starting to wear big boy underwear at night & on the weekends. He still hasn't mastered & we have accidents...but I guess that is how they learn. He will tee-tee in the potty for money though! He loves to put coins in his bank. So i guess whatever works huh? Anyone wanna donate change to the cause? I hope to master it when I am home with him this summer. I figured we would just try it out until then.
I know...he has a paci in his mouth & we are potty training...look he goes all day without it & then wants it at night. Mommy likes her sleep & she likes to plug it when he gets we'll face that battle another time. Just throw me under the bus for that one....its ok:)
I got rocking chairs for the front porch for my birthday & he loves them. We sit & rock & he likes to sing "Rock A Bye Baby" Its sweet.
I guess that is all going on with us. We are looking forward to a great Mother's Day weekend. I can't believe 3 years ago this Sunday on Mother's Day we had an IUI and it worked & now he is in my lap begging me for juice as I type this. WOW...times flies:) Such a sweet weekend for all the mommies and a weekend that I also take the time to specifically pray for those trying and hoping to be a mommy. Please join me this weekend & pray for those struggling to have children. Its a hard weekend for them and I know they could use our prayers..