Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another reason to pray

Please pray for Justin Burns. He is Blayne's age and a friend and teacher at Odenville Middle School. Justin had 2 seizures this weekend. They gave him medicine & he will see a doctor about Epilepsy this week. Please pray for Brandi his wife & their little boy Hunter. This has to be a horribly scary time for them! Pray for healing & quickly!


The Montgomery's said...

y I was wondering who you were talking about on facebook. They will be in our prayers. Thanks for the info.

~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

Seizures are sooo scary. Houston has had them since 8.5 months old...they are terrifying to watch.It can take a while to get them under control but it can be done. :) It is all about the right meds.

Hopefully, they gave him med that can stop the seizures when they are longer than 2's called Distat...$498.00 when you use it but it is WORTH every penny.

The meds that worked on Houston were Tripetal and Depokote. He may want to ask about those.

Sooooo scary to watch and they are sooooooooo out of it afterwards.

They are in my prayers for sure!