Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, we started our new Sunday School series based on the movie Fireproof. Its going to be really good I think. The movie is a little low budget, but I think every couple should definitely see it. We are getting study books from Lifeway to do with our SS class at church, but I encourage everyone to pick one up. Me & Blayne are very blessed to have a great marriage, but it can always be better & you never know when something could happen that could challenge you. I feel very lucky to have a loving and supportive husband and I pray that we are always as happy as we are now, but if tough times come and I know they will...I pray that our marriage can be "fireproof!" If you haven't seen the movie...please rent it! Its worth it!

Cole's new hangout!

Ok, as I blog...this is what Cole does now! He loves to dig out this drawer & then climb in! It is so much fun for him!! Its quite a mess when he gets finished, but it gives me a few minutes to update you on our lives! And it is really TOO cute!

Happy Birthday TaTa

Well, TaTa is officially getting old at 22 years!
We got her a cake & helped her celebrate the big event!
This is our new favorite "get together" game!
I am married to that drummer!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

12 month check up

Well, everything looks great! We got to go to Dr. Gleason on Monday of this week. He is FINALLY well...our whole house if we can just stay that way! He was 21 lbs and 30 inches long. He is in 25th percentile for weight & 50th for height. He is growing everyday. Blayne said he can eat his weight in goldfish crackers. He is finally a pro at sippy cups. He runs. He dances. He points to the pig in his fav book. He is understanding the word "spank." He still only says momma & dada but he babbles like crazy and we think we can make out Hey sometimes and the oter night he said Tata. He is starting to get attached and cries on occasion when I leave him at daycare. He even cried when Nanny left the house yesterday. He LOVES to be outside. I am absolutely loving 12 months. He's so adorable & fun!! Here's to another great year ahead!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

14 kids

Ok, if you are easily offended or are just in awe of the lady who had 8 babies, please don't read this. If you are somehow personally offended like along.... I don't know why it personally bothers me...but it does. Why??? Why would you choose to first of all have 6 children out of why would you choose to do it again?? Second of all, it makes fertility look like a bad thing and its not. We had to do fertility treatments to get our precious Cole. We knew the risks of multiples. We knew the risk of paying all that money and not getting a did she! She knew if they implanted 4 or more they could all split & she could get 8. Don't be fooled and think this lady implanted a few expecting to get 1! No....she HAD to implant A LOT to get 8 and what was she implanting more for anyway??? She has six! She has no husband...she has no job!!! Ok, I guess the right thing to do is pray for those babies! But I am just disgusted by her! Sorry if you don't agree....
Those poor children and grandparents!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Sorry we have been gone so long! Cole is FINALLY BETTER! Mommy is not. I woke up yesterday with the crud & started a antibiotic & asthma meds today. But I would always rather it be me than him!!! Cole goes back to the ENT for a revisit & pediatrician Monday for his 12 month that kept getting put off due to sickness. I'll keep you updated.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We have a had a pretty good day!

Cole spent the night last night with his Brooke & Josh.

Me & Blayne enjoyed a night out with Casey & Emily at Firebirds. It was very yummy!!!

We came home after dinner though because Cole has given me his lovely crud.

Cole is reading his Clifford book from Addy!

Brooke & Josh picked out this lovely BIG HUGE bear for Cole's valentine! Gotta love them!
Daddy's Valentine!
Cole's Valentine!
Mommy's Valentine!

Hurry Spring Hurry

Me & Cole have really enjoyed the beautiful weather!

We have played outside.

We have gone to the park and walked with Courtney & Shelby.

And he & Addy have enjoyed a game of basketball (or shootball as she calls it)!

He is really going to love if it would hurry & come!

Nana & Pop got him a slide for his birthday & I can't wait to see him enjoy it!

Ashton's Birthday!

We celebrated Ashton's 4th birthday last weekend!
She had a princess party and it was adorable!
I can't believe that precious girl is 4!!!
She is getting too big and so smart!

This is Riley Kate...Ashton's best friend!


All her friends!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Ok, I have an update on my sick little man! We went back to the doc Monday & he had viral brochialitis. So we got oral pred. & breathing treatments to take. He woke up Tuesday with a scary 104 fever! We got it down but it jumped up & down all day with Blayne. I took him back this morning. Now he has walking pnenomia on top of the viral infection. So we added a strong antibiotic to the list of meds. He just can't catch a break! Maybe this will heal & we can stay well for a while!

I love my couch!

This picture was just too cute! Casey, Emmie, & Addy got this couch for his birthday & he loves it! But he looks like such a big boy when he sits on it!

Under the Big Top....

We went to the circus Sunday! Cole got in free so we went with Addy thinking Cole would last a little while...but he did Great! He watched almost all of it & fell asleep at he lions. I think he really liked it! Brooke & Josh bought a light toy for him...he is so rotten.


Well, here are some pics from the party!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Is it really Monday tomorrow?

We had a crazy WONDERFUL weekend! It started Friday night. We joined Nana & Pop at Charlies for supper. It was yummy. Then Saturday we had Cole's first birthday party. It was too cute. He dug into his cake, but he didn't love it. He LOVED the sugar cookie we gave him after more. He had lots of fun & we had lots of people join the fun. Cole is blessed to have so many people love him! He got some fun toys & cute clothes & we are so grateful for everything! Right after his party, he went to stay with his Nana & Pop & we went to see the LOVEMASTER at the Comedy Club for Emily's birthday. We had a great time & laughed WAY too much! He was very funny. It was a much needed night out. We got up this morning & I went to do nursery while Blayne stayed home with Cole ( he's still running a mild fever.) This afternoon we pumped him up with Motrin & headed to the circus since we already had tickets. He loved it! He actually sat & watched almost all of it. He fell alseep at the very end. It was fun & entertaining. Me & Blayne have not been in a long time. It was fun to see Addy's expressions too. She LOVED it! Ofcourse Brooke & Josh bought Cole the light up spinning toy that Mommy didn't buy b/c it was too pricey & Cole LOVES it! HE's just rotten. Now we are settling in & head back into a very wild week. I have gymnastics 2 nights along with a baby shower & a lingerie shower this week. Blayne will be super Daddy! Next weekend will have to be relaxing! I'll add pictures of our fun events when I get a chance. Please pray that Cole's fever goes away. I'm at the end of my rope with this sick baby thing! I feel like I am Jonah & the whale has swallowed me. I promise to go where i am supposed to go if I can just get out of the whale & figure out where I am supposed to go. Do you ever feel like that? I guess that is another blog.