Sunday, February 1, 2009

Is it really Monday tomorrow?

We had a crazy WONDERFUL weekend! It started Friday night. We joined Nana & Pop at Charlies for supper. It was yummy. Then Saturday we had Cole's first birthday party. It was too cute. He dug into his cake, but he didn't love it. He LOVED the sugar cookie we gave him after more. He had lots of fun & we had lots of people join the fun. Cole is blessed to have so many people love him! He got some fun toys & cute clothes & we are so grateful for everything! Right after his party, he went to stay with his Nana & Pop & we went to see the LOVEMASTER at the Comedy Club for Emily's birthday. We had a great time & laughed WAY too much! He was very funny. It was a much needed night out. We got up this morning & I went to do nursery while Blayne stayed home with Cole ( he's still running a mild fever.) This afternoon we pumped him up with Motrin & headed to the circus since we already had tickets. He loved it! He actually sat & watched almost all of it. He fell alseep at the very end. It was fun & entertaining. Me & Blayne have not been in a long time. It was fun to see Addy's expressions too. She LOVED it! Ofcourse Brooke & Josh bought Cole the light up spinning toy that Mommy didn't buy b/c it was too pricey & Cole LOVES it! HE's just rotten. Now we are settling in & head back into a very wild week. I have gymnastics 2 nights along with a baby shower & a lingerie shower this week. Blayne will be super Daddy! Next weekend will have to be relaxing! I'll add pictures of our fun events when I get a chance. Please pray that Cole's fever goes away. I'm at the end of my rope with this sick baby thing! I feel like I am Jonah & the whale has swallowed me. I promise to go where i am supposed to go if I can just get out of the whale & figure out where I am supposed to go. Do you ever feel like that? I guess that is another blog.


Jaime said...

I hope Cole is feeling better. We missed you guys yesterday!

Ashley Trammell said...

I can't believe that baby is 1. Time flies way to fast. Happy Birthday Cole.