Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sweet TaTa

TaTa ...aka my Sister Tess was wonderwoman while we were in the hospital. She took care of Cole the whole week. We are SO thankful for all that she did! I could have never handled it all without knowing my first baby was in wonderful hands!  She lost her job last spring and although it was heartbreaking...I feel like now it was such a blessing because she will move away in March...yes I am going to need lots of intervention when this happens....and we have gotten to spend so much time with her since she has not had to work. The Lord works in mysterious ways and  we are so grateful for this extra time we have had with her. Cole adores her and we are going to have to spend lots of time facetiming in the next 3-4 years while she is i nCharleston. We'll also have fun visiting up there! I cried the whole way home when we left her in T-Town an hour away.... glad I'm not taking her to Charleston....8 hours would be  long cry:(    We are so happy for her & Steven though and the exciting life God has planned for them! Thank goodness for good technology these days!