Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sweet TaTa

TaTa ...aka my Sister Tess was wonderwoman while we were in the hospital. She took care of Cole the whole week. We are SO thankful for all that she did! I could have never handled it all without knowing my first baby was in wonderful hands!  She lost her job last spring and although it was heartbreaking...I feel like now it was such a blessing because she will move away in March...yes I am going to need lots of intervention when this happens....and we have gotten to spend so much time with her since she has not had to work. The Lord works in mysterious ways and  we are so grateful for this extra time we have had with her. Cole adores her and we are going to have to spend lots of time facetiming in the next 3-4 years while she is i nCharleston. We'll also have fun visiting up there! I cried the whole way home when we left her in T-Town an hour away.... glad I'm not taking her to Charleston....8 hours would be  long cry:(    We are so happy for her & Steven though and the exciting life God has planned for them! Thank goodness for good technology these days!

Happy Birthday Elsie & Darby

Elsie Clayre, our niece, and Darby, our sweet friend,  turned 1 in December! We celebrated with back to back parties! Both girls were precious & we had a good time!! I cannot believe a year has gone by! Seems like we were just in the hospital visiting both !


A new baby...a c-section...and Christmas all in 7 days....all I can say came..we survived ....and we are BLESSED!  The rest you can see in pictures! I hope your Christmas was just as sweet as ours...but maybe not quite as much chaos :) !

My Cup Runneth Over

Doesn't Cole look grown here! This is the first time he ever held Rhett. It took him until day 2 to decide he was ready!  I got it on camera...but I won't need this picture to remember....I'll never forget that sweet moment! He's a great big brother!!! I am so proud of him. They are sweet sweet cup runneth over!

Answered Prayers

Rhett Thomas Lowry was born on December 18, 2012 at 7:13 am. He weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was 20 in. long. He is such an answered prayer and will always be our little miracle I never thought we'd have! We are so incredibly blessed to add him to our family. We have had so many friends & family praying for this sweet baby for years and we are forever grateful for your prayers and love! He will definitely be loved by so many!!  But more than anything we are so grateful for a Savior who gives us so much more than we ever deserve and has trusted us with 2 precious boys to raise.
God is faithful....always ....even when our prayers are not answered when we want we want ...and with what we want....HE is still faithful.... and he always has better pans for us that we could ever dream of on our own!  I am so thankful he chose to send us Rhett...but I did and would have continued to praise HIM even without this sweet miracle. If you are reading this...please stop and pray for all of the families who joined me at the ART  Fertility program everyday...for the women longing for a baby they may or may not be able to have...for the men trying to support them...and all the doctors using all the knowledge they have trying to help them. There are thousands of them. In the  years I was there....I saw different faces every single week. It is such a tough thing for a family to endure emotionally & financially...please pray for them...strangers who simply want to be mommies & daddies. I will be forever changed through the experiences of having my boys. God has taught me so much. And I will forever remember.
But he was worth the wait! Worth the heartache. Worth the prayers. Worth the millions of  trips downtown. Worth the $$ spent. Worth it all!!!!
We love him so much!!