Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring is near....

We took advantage of the beautiful and odd February weather today & went to the park & played outside at home! It was a wonderful day & we are so thankful days like this come along where we can just rest & enjoy life! It seems like most of the time whether we mean for it to happen or not...we are always in a hurry...its so important to SLOW down.. swing, slide...feed ducks...LAUGH ..we are doing the Courageous study at church and the first one in the women's book is contentment....slowing down...enjoying life...not rushing through it. We are practicing that in my house & today was step 1....success.  The study is wonderful & I hope to blog on each stay tuned....  and if you want...come join us on Sunday nights at'll be worth it!!!

Our Trip to the Air Force Base

Well...we had a great time at our visit to the Air Force Base in Columbus Mississippi. Steven invited our family to get a glimpse of what he does & the kids LOVED it...and so did I. It was very neat to see the planes he has flown & will soon fly and the ins & outs of what he's doing at "airplane school" as Cole calls it. We saw the runway & watched planes take off...we got to get in a plane & look in a few others....we got to eat lunch at the bowling alley ( very cool to Cole!) and then take a "pretend" flight. TaTa better leave the real flying to Steven...she WAS not very good at it!  It was a very special day....however we missed the ceremony that night because Cole had a fever...which turned out to be the flu:(...another blog in itself later....  Steven did get on the "bombing" track though & thats what he wanted so we are excited for him. We feel very honored to have him joining our family and are very grateful and thankful for what he's doing serving our country! Definitely a great example and role model whom Cole adores!

Ashton turns 7

We had Ashton's 7th birthday party last weekend at Nana & Pop's house.  I cannot believe that girl is 7! Wow time has flown by! She has really grown up over the last few years! She is such a smart and beautiful girl and now a GREAT big sister! I know God has big plans for her life. She is definitely going to be a leader! I just wish we could keep her little forever....she's getting too "grownie".... too fast:(
Happy Birthday Ashton!!!


Last weekend we got to watch Elsie while big sister Ashton was in her first pageant. It was a lot of fun. Especially since we haven't had the chance to see her much due to life's busy schedule! Cole still didn't want to hold her but he did talk to her:) She is a sweet baby & very cute! Ashton did very good at her pageant too. I don't have any pics to share since I wasn't there...but she got 1st alternate & prettiest hair....but best of all...she had fun! 
Elsie is growing quickly...but did get an acid refluz diagnosis today. She's going to take after her cousin Cole. I remember thinking he would never stop spitting up & crying out in his sleep....and then here he is 4 years old and it seems like so long ago....although I can still remember that smell like it was yesterday:) I know Elsie will outgrow it too before we know it! And one day her mommy will miss bibs and midnight cries like we do around here sometimes:(   We'll just pray that God will send the right meds and formula to control her discomfort for the days ahead!

Going to the Chapel......

So my baby sister is getting married....I could tell you all about it...but its better  for you to go here & read about it! We are so excited to have Steven join our family! He is wonderful & we are so happy they found eachother!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Its Party Time!!!

We had Cole's party at Pump It Up this year & he had a GREAT time! The kids played & played! Thanks to all the friends and family that came out to make Cole's day so special!!! We are so blessed!