Monday, February 20, 2012

Our Trip to the Air Force Base

Well...we had a great time at our visit to the Air Force Base in Columbus Mississippi. Steven invited our family to get a glimpse of what he does & the kids LOVED it...and so did I. It was very neat to see the planes he has flown & will soon fly and the ins & outs of what he's doing at "airplane school" as Cole calls it. We saw the runway & watched planes take off...we got to get in a plane & look in a few others....we got to eat lunch at the bowling alley ( very cool to Cole!) and then take a "pretend" flight. TaTa better leave the real flying to Steven...she WAS not very good at it!  It was a very special day....however we missed the ceremony that night because Cole had a fever...which turned out to be the flu:(...another blog in itself later....  Steven did get on the "bombing" track though & thats what he wanted so we are excited for him. We feel very honored to have him joining our family and are very grateful and thankful for what he's doing serving our country! Definitely a great example and role model whom Cole adores!