Friday, September 2, 2011

Heavy Heart

I have not had time to post lately...but life has been overwhelmed with sadness much sadness that I lie awake at night and cannot sleep because my heart is so heavy for friends.
Please pray for my friend Amy as she lost her husband in a car accident. She and her children are rebuilding their lives now in TN and they need daily prayers.
Also, please pray for my friend Ashley. She lost her triplet boys Harrison, Jack Thomas, and Merritt. Please pray for healing and peace for she and Colin in the days ahead. These boys were miracles to begin with and I know God had a special plan for their life even if it was in their mommy's womb. They brought her such unbeleivable joy and I just pray that God can comfort her in a way that we cannot here.
Thank you for praying for my friends. I truly beleive that he hears every prayer and that every prayer matters.