Monday, August 23, 2010


SO this week in SS we talked about what kind of influence you leave on people....interesting thought. One to make you really CHANGE when you think about the negative influence you leave on people and even your kids....
Example...Cole follows my example already and raises his voice when he gets mad....he learned that from me...that makes me sad.
But even in a more serious note....I cannot say that I have always been a good influence in leading people to Jesus...sometimes I am sure I am a bad influence instead. I know I am sure i have good moments...but I also have when I am having a bad day or things aren't going my way....or school has just started & I am stressed....I hate to think what kind of influence i have been around my friends. family, &coworkers lately..actually ashamed to think....
SO I am really going to work on it and i encourage my readers to do so as well. How are you influencing the people around you?
I have a coworker and we don't say anything ugly around her and if we do...we always know why? She has such an influence on us that we see our sin right in front of us around her & imeadiately feel guilty....she sets a good example and she is definitely a good influence on all those around her. Sje carries the light of Jesus everyday....
I want to have that kind of influence and starting today I am going to work for it. Sure I'll fail...I know that. But I am going to try. I want to be a good influence to those around me.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Congrats Jessica & Brad

Well, I can officially say congrats to my sweet friends Jessica & Brad now! I am so excited about their news! She will be having a little one in early April. We are so excited to start the planning & preparing! Please keep them in your prayers! She lost her first baby earlier this summer and we are just praying that God take special care of this sweet baby until his/her arrival. He is so good and we are all trusting Him. They are going to be amazing parents!!!

Walmart list

So today marked a milestone event in my walmart list. For the last 2 1/2 years every time I go to Walmart for big grocery buying, I go to the baby section. 2 years ago it was to get formula...diapers..pacis...gas name it we got it...lately its been just I went there out of habit and looked around and realized I didn't need anything from that section anymore. How strange it felt. How nice my wallet sad my heart felt. We wish those times away and then when they arrive we stand in a walmart section wondering where our "baby" went. I cannot remember the last can of formula I bought only that I waited for the day thinking it would be such a happy day because we would be saving money & now I pass the formula and miss those late night bottles and sweet baby sounds as he took it. He will no longer need diapers. The potty training is going great. We still use pull ups for night time...but I will no longer be buying those big pampers is so weird. I know you hear people say it all the time...but it really does go by in the blink of an eye. One day they will stop spitting up & you won't have to "shout" everything they wear. One day they will give up the bottle and you no longer rock them to sleep as they drink. One day they tee-tee in the potty and the next they are wearing big boy underwear. I look forward to all the big boy things we get to do now...but I also miss those little baby days.
I don't know if God's plan will allow us to have another baby...I hope so...but if not..I have sure cherished these days and these milestones.
If you have a little one...don't wish it'll be over and you'll miss it...even buying the diapers.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Potty Trained

Well...we have a potty trained little boy! Bye Bye diapers! He has worked so hard & so have Mommy & Daddy. I will admit...potty training has been one of the hardest challenges as a mommy so far! Wow! Lots of patience...lots of clean up...but GREAT rewards! He still has the occasional mess up &I am sure getting adjusted to doing it all the time at school & public places will still take a lil time...but he has got it & we are in big boy undies & & we are so proud of him! Since the beginning we have told him he can get a "mo mo" like his friend Brody...well tonight he received his reward! He was so excited! My baby is growing up so fast.

Pop's new boat!

Guess what Pop got? A BOAT! We have enjoyed 2 wonderful Sunday afternoons at the river already! Cole absolutely loves his boat and looks forward to it all week. We all have really enjoyed it. It is very relaxing & fun to spend time with the family. We are so thankful Pop got it & look forward to lots of fun times!

Take me out to the ballgame...

Crosspoint participated in family night at Regions Park & we all went. It was Cole's first Baron's game. I don't know who was more or him! I loved it! And so did he....he watched a little...ate a lot...played on the stands a little and had a GREAT time. It was a good memory that ended with us all singing at the 7th inning stretch! Cole loves to sing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game!" Daddy even got him a helmet as a souvenir. I look forward to taking Cole to many more games and even a major league game when he's bigger.