Thursday, November 24, 2011


This Thanksgiving I have decided to focus a lot on the word grateful. I feel like I am daily surrounded by ungratefulness...myself included. I have recently been studying a lot in the bible that talks about "thanksgiving" and what that actually means. Well here are my thoughts after lots of pondering.... first of all God supplies ALL of our needs. All of them! It may definitely not be all of our wants...but he covers all of our needs. The problem is...we are not grateful enough. We want and want and want. We need to stop and look at what he has provided everyday. I have a wonderful husband and a strong marriage  to a very faithful man. We both have jobs. We have the opportunity to go to work  everyday.  And yet we complain and drag out of bed each morning. I have always had food. I have NEVER been hungry. And yet we complain about what sits on the dinner table. I have more clothes than one should ever have and yet I stand infront of my closet wishing for new ones. I have got to learn to be more grateful in this life. God has given us so much and we really don't need anything else. I am determined to focus on this in the years to come and I am going to be more grateful. I also challenge my readers. If God has blessed you with a wonderful good to him. Love him. Be faithful and appreciate him more. I am going to try to myself:) Its important. And I take mine for granted when I shouldn't.  If God has blessed you with a family. Spend time with them. MAKE time for them. We are not promised tomorrow.  If God has blessed you with a hard and do it happily! And budget that money wisely and be generous and give to others....I am talking to MYSELF here too!  If God has given you a church family...get involved...SERVE....HE needs you to! He called you to!  If God has given you a healthy pregnancy...cherish it...enjoy it...don't complain, don't wish it away...there are many women who would give anything to carry that weight and walk on your swollen feet. Life can change in a moment. If God has blessed you with with with them...take off work to attend their programs at school. You only get one chance at this....there are no do overs.  You can't go back....they keep growing! One day you will blink & they will be grown & you'll have a pile of sick days you do not need.  If God has given you a home....take care of it...and share happiness with an open door to reach out to others. I could go on and on...but the main thing grateful. Don't take this life HE has given us for granted. Forgive people. Love people. Pray for people. Give to people. We need to stop complaining and LIVE. Soak up every moment of this life. I know I am going to definitely try to! So help me be accountable if you hear me being ungrateful! :) I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did! God is so good!