Thursday, May 9, 2013


Tonight my baby graduates from Bethel Wee Care.....the only school he's ever known. 5 years ago I handed over my sweet 6 month old miracle and cried the entire way to work thinking...."it will be so much easier when he comes to school with me." Now I sit here and did that happen so fast? And what was I thinking? My 6lb 2 oz baby is wearing a cap & gown tonight & I really think I blinked and now we are here! 
I will forever be grateful for our Wee Care family. I knew long before Cole was ever born where he would go when I went back to work. I knew where my kids would go long before they were ever thought of....Bethel Wee Care was my first job ....and the people who I worked with were always like family. It never crossed my mind to send my babies anywhere else and I have no regrets....only that time flew by too quickly. They've been family to Cole. I didn't need a sitter in my home or in another home to love my baby...those precious women have loved him for 5 years. They've taught him responsibility, respect, but most of They have taught him about Christ's love and they have shown him that love.  He's learned letters, sounds numbers, how to follow directions, how to behave in structure,the importance of sharing,  but more than that...he's learned scripture , bible stories....and God's love! Although I am excited to have him join BIG school next year, I am sad that a chapter in our lives has closed. I'm sad that those Godly influences who have guided him for 5 years will not greet him each morning. I'm sad that the days of him saying the blessing as a class around the lunch table and attending chapel on Wednesdays will be over. 
I look back and I am so thankful we chose Bethel for Cole and I am so glad Rhett is able to follow in those same footsteps.  It is a comforting feeling knowing that the ladies who take care of your baby gather each morning and begin the day with prayer....some of those very prayers were prayed for our family long before God gave us our boys..... God heard those prayers and then he answered mine by allowing those same women to help me take care of my sweet angels. 
I cannot believe my baby is graduating preschool.....
we are so proud of him and all he's learned . My little baby has turned into a sweet....wild... little boy & we are loving every minute of this life with him!!!

Look out OES....I don't know if you are ready for Coleton Jack Lowry:) 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Take me out the the ballgame....

We are loving 5-6 baseball life this year! Cole is on a great team with sweet friends & they are all having a lot of fun & winning lots of games! He's had his first black eye this year due to a baseball & he wore it well:) And Rhett is his biggest fan! 

4 months old & Baby Cooper

April was an exciting month! Rhett turned 4 months old. HE is sleeping through the night... babbling all the time....playing with toys...chewing on everything...taking about 6 oz every 4 hours or so & he has even tried sweet potatoes! We are loving our little chunky monkey! He is precious & has the sweetest personality!

We also had an addition to the family last month! Baby Cooper was born!!! 
He is SO TINY! We adore him & so does his big sister Lucy! 
She is so proud of him. He is absolutely precious and we are so grateful for God's amazing blessings! He & Rhett will be big buddies...but first he's got to put on some weight to catch up:) :)